Should You Kill the King of Riddles in Lies of P?

What happens if you kill the King of Riddles in Lies of P?

by Christian Bognar
Should You Kill the King of Riddles in Lies of P
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After opening the last Trinity Door in chapter 11 of Lies of P, you’ll encounter the Riddler himself — The King of Riddles. After exhausting his dialogue and gathering rewards, you will have the choice to attack him. But should you? This guide will explain whether or not you should kill the King of Riddles in Lies of P.

What Happens if You Kill the King of Riddles in Lies of P?

Killing the King of Riddles in Lies of P boils down to whether you want to make the morally right decision. As you continue the conversation with the King of Riddles and ask about his background, you will discover that he is actually a serial killer. Talking to him more, you’ll discover that he is the one who killed Venigni’s parents and that he thinks that was the best thing he has ever done.

It’s really messed up, considering Venigni is a great guy who has helped you throughout the duration of your journey. So, to hear the King of Riddles say, “killing his parents was my masterpiece,” can make anyone’s blood boil. Because of this Riddler’s sinister intentions, I recommend you kill him and punish him for all he has done. The good news is that he doesn’t fight back, and killing him does not change the rewards you receive.

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The King of Riddles Rewards

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After interacting with the King of Riddles, you will be rewarded with a Quartz and the Alchemist’s Cape costume. Getting a Quartz this late in your playthrough is a game changer, considering you’ll need it for the challenging bosses that lie ahead. As for the costume, it’s one of the coolest-looking ones in the game, as it has a cape on the back!

How to Find the King of Riddles

Players can find the King of Riddles in the last Trinity Door in chapter 11 of Lies of P. More specifically, he is near the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer, on the bottom floor inside the building. The Trinity Door is hard to miss as torches surround it, lighting it up in the dark. For a more detailed guide on finding the King of Riddles, check out our guide on all Trinity Door locations in Lies of P.

- This article was updated on September 22nd, 2023

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