Should You Take Raphael’s Deal in Baldur’s Gate 3? All Consequences and Outcomes

When is it ever wise to make a deal with the devil?

by Davi Braid

Raphael is a charismatic, powerful devil who will quickly offer you a seducing deal, but should you accept it? How dire are the consequences? Let’s break down what can happen and whether you should accept his proposal.

The Consequences of Accepting Raphael’s Deal


Raphael will give you the Orphic Hammer and help you remove the tadpole, but only if you give him the Netherese Crown that the Absolute is wearing. This is clearly a terrible idea. Not only do your party members advise you against it, but the Narrator herself will let you know that this is a terrible decision.

Ultimately, this choice leads to a less desirable ending and might cause you to miss out on one of the game’s most enjoyable dungeons. This will also prevent you from meeting with Haarlep, one of the most memorable NPCs in BG3.

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If you decide to accept Raphael’s deal and want a chance to save Orpheus, make sure that you bring Lae’Zel along when you go to speak with Kith’rak Voss. Proud of your decision and Lae’zel’s chosen path, Voss will give you the Silver Sword of the Astral Plane, the best two-handed sword for Gythianki fighters in BG3.

What is the Outcome of Denying Raphael’s Deal?

If you choose not to accept this deal, you won’t have access to the Orphic Hammer or any other means of removing the tadpole. Although it feels despairing, all your party members approve of the fact you did not make a deal with Raphael. It seems pretty clear at this point that the game expects you to find another way.

Now, if you want to get the Orphic Hammer and have any chance to free Orpheus, you must find a way into Raphael’s House of Hope and steal the item. Since you did not take the deal, Kith’rak Voss will not award you with his Silver Sword of the Astral Plane.

Can you Break the Deal?


You can decide not to follow through with the deal. In this case, you must also break in into the House of Hope, but now you also have to find your contract and destroy it. Generally speaking, this usually doesn’t go well and will trigger a fight against Raphael. To make it worse, if you killed Yurgir when Raphael asked you to, he would also be there to fight you.

That said,  if one of your characters has a high Persuasion skill level and succeeds on a DC30 check, you can convince Yugir to fight beside you against the Archevil. Remember, the path you choose impacts your overall game experience. Stay vigilant and deliberate in your decisions to ensure an engaging and thrilling journey through Baldur’s Gate 3.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2023

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