Six Days in Fallujah Console Release Date: PS4, PS5, and Xbox Versions Explained

When can players fight in Fallujah on consoles?

by Marc Magrini
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The gaming world is extremely familiar with gritty, realistic first-person shooters by now. Six Days in Fallujah seeks to shake up the formula by putting players in a four-person team, forcing them to take on dangerous missions in constantly-changing environments. The title is currently out on PC for all to enjoy, as long as they meet the minimum specs. Those who don’t meet those requirements likely want to know when Six Days in Fallujah will reach console players, from the PS4 and PS5 to Xbox Series X|S devices.

When Will Six Days in Fallujah Release for PS4, PS5, and Xbox Console Players?

Notably, Six Days in Fallujah is a part of Steam Early Access, which is why it’s currently only available on PC. However, unlike other Early Access shooters such as BattleBit Remastered, the developers have stated their intentions to eventually release the game on consoles. This will likely happen sometime in 2024 based on the Early Access roadmap shared on Steam. These dates are subject to change, though, so keep an eye on official announcements!

Information on the progress of these console ports has been scarce, but they will likely drop at the same time of Six Days in Fallujah’s exit from Early Access. The game already has full controller support, allowing PC players to get a taste of what others can expect. The developers have also stated their intentions to improve performance as time goes on, which will definitely help with console compatibility.

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According to its website, Six Days in Fallujah is being developed for current and next-gen PlayStation and Xbox devices. If development goes well, even those with an Xbox One will be able to check this title out. There are no plans for a Switch port at this time, likely due to the game’s focus on realism. Even so, there will be a chance for those without a great PC to check out this virtual Fallujah for themselves — even if it takes a bit longer than six days.

- This article was updated on June 26th, 2023

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