Skyrim: What Does Flawed Varla Stone Do?

Need help with Enchanting? This magical stone can help.

by Noah Nelson


There are so many mysterious stones in the world of Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, not the least of which is the Flawed Varla Stone. What are these stones? What do they do? Why should I care about them? All of these questions and more will be answered here.

For those of you who don’t know, Skyrim has released a new edition called Anniversary Edition, and it is available now. There are many differences and new upgrades to the game that make it worthwhile to practically anybody. With the addition of taming wild horses, fishing, a survival mode, several new quests, new official mods, and all of the DLC from the past 10 years, Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is a marvel to behold. All of these things and more will be discussed at length, so stick around for more guides on all things Skyrim: Anniversary Edition. One of the new additions is the Flawed Varla Stones, and they are cooler than you’d expect.

What is Flawed Varla Stone?

Very similar to Welkynd Stones, which are also in the new Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, Varla Stones have been added to Skyrim. They are glowing white magical stones created by ancient high elves that have magical properties. Varla Stones are very rare to find considering how powerful they are, but Flawed Varla Stones are more common. In turn, they aren’t as powerful, but they still come in handy. They are definitely worth finding and collecting if you are into Enchanting.


What Does Flawed Varla Stone Do in Skyrim?

The Flawed Varla Stone in Skyrim can be compared to a Common Soul Gem, but in reality, they are much better. More similar to the Daedric artifact Azura’s Star, Flawed Varla Stones can be recharged instead of filling once and breaking. Although they can’t hold great souls, they are incredibly useful for enchanting because they have the ability to basically replace Common Soul Gems. And we all know you have around 18 of those pesky gems taking up space in your pockets. They are also pretty valuable and can be sold for 1000 gold.

Where Can I Find Flawed Varla Stone in Skryim?

There are basically two ways to find Flawed Varla Stone in Skyrim. The first is getting lucky and finding them in random chests. This method is completely random as can therefore be pretty unreliable. The second way is Khajiit trade caravans. These traders go city to city and sell items to wandering travelers. Here, Flawed Varla Stones can be purchased for 1000 gold.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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