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Spelunky 2 Update 1.13 Patch Notes

This update fixes a lot of bugs.

by Diego Perez


Update 1.13 for Spelunky 2 has been released, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes with this patch. This update fixes a ton of bugs, and in typical Spelunky fashion, the list of patch notes is a bit silly when read without context. This update dropped for the PC version yesterday and is available for the PS4 version now. Here’s the full list of patch notes for Spelunky update 1.13.

Spelunky Update 1.13 Patch Notes

  • Prevented pets from entering through closed doors.
  • Fixed crash when a pet touches a specific closed world door.
  • Fixed “Start with bots” and “Quick Select” button icons on the keyboard
  • Fixed blocked path in a certain tidepool level when playing coop with a dead player
  • Mounts should once again fit into gaps easily
  • Fixed single-gap taming animation
  • Fixed some interactions that made Vlad’s Cape hover not trigger correctly
  • Fixed issue where a certain veteran hunter would miss a crucial shot
  • Olmec bombs will no longer spawn in a way that end up on top of its head
  • Fixed infinite jetpack fuel on brushing up against the corner of terrain while flying
  • Entities tossed with the pitcher’s mitt will now lose their flying effect on contact with shields
  • Fixed bug where high-speed entities could go through shields
  • Fixed unintended speed up when brushing up against the corner of terrain while pressing the jump button after stomping a monster
  • Fixed issue climbing down on top of some floors (falling platforms, conveyor belts, elevators, etc.)
  • Fixed issue pushing blocks over certain floor tiles (conveyor belts, falling platforms, etc.)
  • Fixed multiple damages when being thrown against a nearby wall by a vendor, NPC, or yeti
  • Treasure coming out of pots and chests can now be whipped out of the way slightly sooner
  • Hard boss will now prioritize the attack animation over the damaged one
  • Cold lavamanders won’t burn ropes anymore
  • “Celeritas” now takes precedence over “Major”
  • Made whip backwards’ hitbox slightly taller so arrows and some enemies can be backwhipped
  • Cleaned up a LISE sprite
  • Workarounded slowdowns and stuttering when some USB devices were plugged in

These patch notes are taken from the latest Steam update for Spelunky 2, which landed a day before PS4 patch 1.13 was released. We can assume the two updates contain the same fixes because PS4 updates tend to take a bit longer than Steam patches due to Sony’s certification process.

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