Starfield Environmental Conditioning Leveling Guide | Best Places to Take Environmental Damage

Extreme conditions, extreme conditioning!

by Alejandro Josan
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While there are very dangerous places on Earth where cold, heat and even radiation could harm you and your loved ones, it pales to the extreme weather and environments you can find in space. Well, time to go and visit those places without any type of environmental protection. What could go wrong? Here is how to level up the Environmental Conditioning skill and where to take environmental damage in Starfield.

Starfield Environmental Conditioning Leveling Guide

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Environmental Conditioning is an Advanced-tier skill from the Physical Skill Tree in Starfield. To be able to unlock it, you will have to spend 4 skill points in the Physical Skill tree, which includes both new skill unlocks and skill rank-ups. This skill allows your character to gain environmental resistance, allowing you to improve your survivability in extreme environments on planets and moons. To rank up or level up this skill, you will have to submit yourself to an increasing amount of environmental damage.

Environmental Conditioning RankChallengeEffects
1Spend 4 Skill Points in the Physical Skill Tree.Gain 10 resistance to Airborne environmental damage.
2Take 100 environmental damage.Gain 10 resistance to Thermal environmental damage.
3Take 250 environmental damage.Gain 10 resistance to Corrosive and Radiation environmental damage.
4Take 500 environmental damage.Reduced chance to gain afflictions from environmental damage sources.

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Best Places to Take Environmental Damage

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As you might expect, the best places to take environmental damage are places with extreme environments. And since I take things seriously, I chose the most dangerous place to get a sunburn: Mercury. You can find it in the Sol system, although you can visit any planets that feature extreme weather and have the same result. Once you arrive, the fastest way to get environmental damage – that is, the orange bar that eats your health points – is to unequip your suit and helmet and walk across the surface of the planet or moon. You will immediately get environmental damage.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Before you die of exposure, travel back to your ship to remove your environmental damage and then heal by sleeping for an hour in your ship’s bed. You will then be able to do this again until you have collected all the environmental damage necessary to rank up the Environmental Conditioning skill in Starfield. To maximize the amount of environmental damage you can upgrade your Wellness skill. That way, you can take much more environmental damage before dying. If interstellar travel is ever a thing, please, do not try this.

- This article was updated on September 28th, 2023

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