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by Alejandro Josan
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Given the many threats that enemies and futuristic energy weapons pose to one’s well-being, being able to increase one’s survivability is a must. Starfield will allow you to increase your health, but you will have to practice to extend your life expectancy. And by extending your life expectancy, I mean your capacity to take bullets in the face. Let’s take a look at the Wellness skill in Starfield, as well as how to increase your maximum health, fast.

Starfield Wellness Leveling Guide

Screenshot: Bethesda

The Wellness skill will increase your maximum health in Starfield. Taking into account the various threats that exist across the galaxy, then ranking up this skill might just as well be a priority. Since this is a novice-tier skill, you can straight up get this skill as soon as you can. Moreover, three backgrounds grant this skill automatically:

  • Combat Medic
  • Diplomat

To be able to unlock the higher ranks of the Wellness skill, you will have to heal. That’s it. You can consider this skill as a skill you can rank passively. It is similar to Weight Lifting since the way you level that skill is by running with 75% space occupied in your inventory. This means that you could have already unlocked the different Wellness ranks without trying. Heal as often as you can. Knowing how often you find enemies, you will do this frequently anyway.

Wellness RankChallengeEffects
1None.Increase your maximum health by 10%.
2Heal 200 damage.Increase your maximum health by 20%.
3Heal 500 damage.Increase your maximum health by 30%.
4Heal 1000 damage.Increase your maximum health by 40%

Fastest Way to Increase Maximum Health

Screenshot: Bethesda

As you might expect, the fastest way to increase your Maximum Health is to increase your Wellness skill rank. To do this, you will have to heal a lot of health points. You can use meals and food to heal, and, of course, Med Packs. You can find all of these items at any vendor throughout the galaxy. I purchased some at Newill’s Goods in Neon City.

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If you want to increase your max health momentarily, you can also use consumables. However, their effect is temporary, so I suggest using them when facing particularly difficult confrontations. Finally, the Alien DNA will increase your base Health and O2 values. However, this will ultimately hurt your ability to heal from Med Packs and food, making Wellness a harder skill to rank up.

- This article was updated on September 20th, 2023

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