Starfield: How to Find Scanner Distortions

Scanner distortions uncover the greatest secrets in Starfield.

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield Review Cover Scanner Distortions
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In Starfield, there are many fascinating mysteries you can uncover. You set out to shed your humble miner beginnings to join Constellation and enter a mission of discovery across the Milky Way, and in the process, encounter some incredible secrets. One of the biggest focuses of the main story is investigating scanner distortions picked up by The Eye just above Jemison, indicating power resonating with the relics you find. Here’s how to find and follow the scanner distortions in Starfield!

How to Find and Follow Scanner Distortions in Starfield

Watch the borders of your scanner reticle and keep turning around on the planet until you see the reticule fluctuate. These are the scanner distortions in Starfield. If you haven’t already landed on the planet’s Scanner Distortion marker related to your Power From Beyond mission, do so, open your scanner with ‘F’ on PC, or ‘LB’ on Xbox.

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When you’re pointing in the right direction, the lines of your circle start breaking. Go closer in this direction, and you’ll find gravitational anomalies, or perhaps even greater secrets, causing this distortion.

What Do the Scanner Distortions Mean, and What Are Gravitational Anomalies in Starfield?

The scanner distortions are meant to convey you’re hot on the trail of powers housed in esoteric temples in the worlds of Starfield. Along the way, you might also find a planet’s trait in the form of gravitational anomalies, which help round out your survey data, so it’s worthwhile to keep scanning.

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The powers inside are essentially the magic system in Starfield, focusing on gravity and physics rather than elemental and psychic abilities. You’ll be able to manipulate gravity, create a field of O2 around yourself, disarm opponents, and overall develop a godly array of combat and survival abilities.

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Finally, as you find more of these temples, get prepared: mysterious forces will be prepared to fight you for what’s inside.

- This article was updated on September 1st, 2023

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