Starfield Media Sponge Guide: How Many Dragonstar Force Volumes Are There?

How many books are there?

by Diego Perez
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Media Sponge is one of Starfield‘s simplest quests on its surface, but this quest to collect every volume of Dragonstar Force for Mitch on Cydonia very quickly becomes an exercise in frustration. Mitch is a huge fan of the Dragonstar Force series and tasks you with collecting rare first editions of each volume of the story on different planets throughout the Settled Systems.

The only problem is that Mitch doesn’t tell you how many there are, and since you have to collect them one at a time, it’s easy to give up on the Media Sponge quest because you might think it’s one of Bethesda’s trademark repeatable radiant quests. That’s not the case though, you actually can finish the Media Sponge quest. It’ll just take way longer than you think.

How to Complete the Media Sponge Quest

To complete the Media Sponge quest, you have to bring back every single volume of Dragonstar Force for Mitch. You have to collect the books one at a time, and Mitch will reward you with some Credits and a small amount of XP for each one you bring back. If you’re skilled enough, you can pass a speech check to persuade him to increase your payout.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can leave Mitch alone after collecting one of the volumes for him, but speaking to him again after turning one in will let you track down the next chapter of the story for him. That leads us to our big question: Just how many Dragonstar Force books are there?

How Many Dragonstar Force Volumes Are There in Starfield?

There are 30 volumes of Dragonstar Force in Starfield. After bringing the 30th volume to Mitch on Cydonia, he won’t ask you to find anything else for him. Sadly, there isn’t a grand reward waiting for those who took the time to complete Mitch’s collection. All you get is the pittance of XP and Credits that he can spare for each of the volumes.

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While the Media Sponge quest is one of Starfield’s lamest, it’s still a surprisingly great way to earn some cash. The XP rewards are awful, but you can persuade Mitch to give you 5,500 Credits per volume if your Persuasion skill is high enough. That’s 165k Credits in total, and since the books can only come from a handful of sellers in New Atlantis or Hopetown with easily accessible fast travel points, you can rack up thousands of Credits in just a few minutes.

- This article was updated on September 1st, 2023

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