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If you and I are alike, then exploring every single corner of an open-world game in search of the best items and countless amounts of in-game currency is a must. Thankfully, Bethesda rewards us scavengers with, well, a scavenging bonus in the form of a skill to be unlocked and ranked. Here is how to level up the Scavenging skill and the best places to loot containers in Starfield.

Starfield Scavenging Leveling Guide

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Scavenging is a Novice-tier skill in the Social Skill Tree in Starfield. This means that you can unlock it as soon as you want as long as you have a skill point to spend. This skill will grant you a drop boost while searching containers. In other words, you will be able to get more credits, ammo, and aid items, and even get your tracked resources highlighted while using the scanner. The way you will want to level up this skill is, well, loot any container you come across. Here are the backgrounds that will automatically unlock the Scavenging skill in Starfield:

  • Chef
  • Pilgrim
  • Ronin
Scavenging RankChallengeEffects
1None.There’s a chance you’ll find extra credits when searching containers.
2Loot 25 containers.There’s a chance you’ll find extra ammo when searching containers.
3Loot 75 containers.There’s a chance you’ll find extra aid items, like Med Packs or chems, when searching containers.
4Loot 150 containers.Tracked resources will get highlighted when using the hand scanner.

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Best Places to Loot Containers

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Containers are found anywhere across the galaxy. However, if you wish to focus your efforts, you are better off exploring abandoned or deserted science and research labs or outposts. These places will house several containers, but also several pirates, spacers, etc. You will have to fight for a bit, but you can collect a lot of freebies while raiding these places. You can also find containers while boarding enemy ships as well. Just be sure to level up your Weight Lifting skill so that you can carry more items at once.

- This article was updated on October 10th, 2023

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