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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Unlock Mr. Game & Watch

Mr. Game & Watch joins the battle with this guide.

by William Schwartz


Mr. Game & Watch is one of the more unique characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate if just for the look and the way that the character plays in the game.  So you may be looking to unlock this character early on in your time with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  Mr. Game & Watch can be unlocked through a couple of different methods like playing the World of Light, Versus, or Classic Modes in the game.  This guide will explain how you can unlock Mr. Game & Watch by playing Classic Mode.

Mr Game & Watch can be unlocked in Classic Mode

You will need to play through Classic Mode at least five times to unlock Mr. Game & Watch.  To start the unlock process you’re going to need to use one of the starter characters, in this case it’s Pikachu.  Beating Classic Mode with Pikachu will start you on your way to unlocking Mr. Game & Watch by way of unlocking the characters before him on Pikachu’s route.

After beating Classic Mode with Pikachu you will unlock Villager.  You can then use either Pikachu or Villager to unlock Shulk.  Pikachu, Villager, or Shulk to unlock ROB.  Completing Classic Mode with either of the four above will unlock Mega Man.  From there you will have unlocked a handful of characters under Pikachu and any of them can be used in Classic Mode to trigger the battle with Mr. Game & Watch to unlock him as a playable character.  Just follow the progression below to reach Mr. Game & Watch in Classic Mode and remember that once you unlock a character in this list you can then use them to unlock the next character in the list going from left to right and starting with Pikachu.

Pikachu > Villager > Shulk > ROB > Mega Man > Isabelle > Mr. Game & Watch

You’ll need to beat him one on one to unlock

Once you’ve beaten Classic Mode again with either of the aforementioned characters after unlocking Isabelle you will then get a challenge to fight Mr. Game & Watch.  If you win, you will permanently unlock Mr. Game & Watch to use in the game.  Otherwise, this character will move the Challenger’s Approach section of the Games and More section of the menu where you’ll be able to rematch.

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