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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Use Bayonetta Final Smash

Master Bayonetta's two phase final smash.

by William Schwartz


Bayonetta’s Final Smash is a unique finishing move in the game where the time-bending witch will trigger an infernal climax with two different stages.  Once you’ve broken the smash ball that appears on the screen while using Bayonetta, you’re going to want to get in position to do the most damage to the other player(s).

Once triggered, Bayonetta’s Infernal Climax Final Smash will slow down everyone except her.  Immediately following activation (pressing B), a clock will appear that shows how much time you have to deal damage.  Hitting enemies will then fill up another gauge that can bring a second more powerful wave to the attack.

If you fill the meter in the first stage of Bayonetta’s Final Smash you can then summon Gomorrah.  Once you’ve summoned this creature you can then button mash away as you’ll be doing massive damage to all enemies.

Like other Smash Bros. Ultimate characters, Bayonetta’s Final Smash is triggered when the Smash Ball is broken by the player.  You’ll know if your character is the one who has broken the ball as you will be glowing.  At that point you can then press the B button (without pressing anything else) to start Bayonetta’s Final Smash.

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