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Tales Of Berseria Guide: Tips For Farming Katz Spirits

by Mike Guarino


As you make your way through the many locales featured in Tale of Berseria you’ll see lots of floating orbs along the way, which are called Katz Spirits. These spirits are used to open the pink treasure chests called Katz boxes that you will occasionally come across, which will contain a Katz inside. These strange characters may or not have a reward for you once you unlock the chest, and this guide will help acquire as many as you can throughout your adventure. Katz Spirits can also be used during the optional EX dungeon, but you won’t be worrying about that until the end of the game.

Each area that you travel through, whether it be a dungeon of a town, will have Katz Spirits for you to find. Many times they will be right out in the open, though other times they’ll be more strategically-placed and will require a more thorough search in order to be located. As a rule of thumb, when you’re making your way through an area always make sure that you rotate the camera to get a better view of your surroundings. You’ll often find that you’ve actually passed some Katz Spirits (or other items) already due to them being hidden by an entrance to a room, so always keep your eyes peeled.

Another thing worth mentioning is that these Katz Spirits do respawn, meaning that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get more if you don’t have enough to open a particular chest. They’ll come back each time you exit and then re-enter a zone, so finding an area with lots of them and then coming back once they respawn is a great way to acquire a lot of them quickly. You’ll find that dungeons later in the game contain a greater amount of Katz Spirits than earlier ones, so if you’re the patient type you can always wait until you’re farther along in the game.

If you’re at a point where you can access the EX dungeon, there is a room contained within it that is filled with Katz Spirits that can quickly get you lots of these spirits per trip. However, this room appears randomly and you might not find it during a particular trip to the dungeon. If that’s the case, simply teleport back to the entrance of the dungeon and then leave and re-enter to see if it appears during your next search.

Don’t worry if you come across a chest and you don’t have nearly enough Katz Spirits to open it, as the chest will be marked on your map to easily find it again once you do have enough. Katz Spirits aren’t the most vital items in the game considering that they offer rewards that are purely aesthetic, but if you like playing around with the look of your characters then you’ll definitely want to find as many as you can.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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