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Temtem – Where to Find and Catch Nessla

How to catch Nessla in Temtem

by Kyle Hanson


Temtem takes a lot of inspiration from the JRPGs that came before it, such as Pokemon and Digimon. Like those series, you are tasked with catching a large number of colorful and unique creatures. Each with their own stats and abilities, finding them all is both a goal by itself and the key to becoming the best player you possibly can. But also like those franchises, some Temtem are rather tough to find. And when this happens with one of the cooler or more powerful characters it can be frustrating trying to work it all out. To help, here’s where to find and catch Nessla in Temtem.

Where to Find and Catch Nessla

Nessla is high on many Temtem players’ wishlist due to its interesting design and backstory. Originally set to be removed from the game, fans rallied to bring it back. It’s in the final build of the currently available Early Access release, but it’s a very rare find. And this is before you even know where to find it, which is only in a few key locations. All that have been found so far are on the island of Deniz, home to many water type Temtem like Nessla. To get to it you’ll need the surfboard though, so make sure you get that done first.

Once you get there you will want to focus on the areas of Thalassian Cliffs, Sillaro River, and Windward Fort. All are on Deniz and all are known spawn points for Nessla. He’s rare though, so be ready to do a lot of exploring and encountering a lot of Temtem. Once you find one you might want to check out all of our tips for catching Temtem. Follow them and explore the area enough and you’ll have a Nessla of your very own quick enough now that you know where to find and catch Nessla in Temtem. Let us know if there are any other rare creatures you need help with.

- This article was updated on:January 23rd, 2020

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