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Temtem – How to Get the Surfboard and How to Surf

How to swim in Temtem

by Kyle Hanson


One of the first questions whenever a new player starts an adventure in a creature collection RPG like Temtem is usually how to swim. Creatures are often hidden from the player by placing water in your path, with some way across it left for the player to find and unlock. With Pokemon it’s often the move Surf, while other series let players swim themselves. In Temtem there’s a cooler method. Here’s how to get the surfboard and how to surf in Temtem.

How to Get the Surfboard

Yep, you’re not going to swim or use a creature to surf, instead there’s a special surfboard out there to collect and we’ll explain where to get it. Thankfully the process isn’t too hard, involving just the main campaign mission. This means, if you want to avoid spoilers, the way to get the surfboard is to just keep playing and plugging away at the main mission. For those that want more info, keep reading to find out the details.

The answer is found in Arissola, the third town you’ll come across in your journey to becoming a Temtem champion. Here you will find the Arissola Dojo and its champion Sophia. At least, you would normally but right now she’s off in the Windward Fort. You’ll need to rescue her in order to proceed, so follow the in-game prompts to complete that mission. Once you do just head back to Arissola Dojo and defeat her to be rewarded with the surfboard. Now you might wonder how to use it.

How to Surf

If you thought finding the surfboard was easy, using it will blow you away. You don’t have to press any buttons to surf in Temtem, just have the surfboard in your possession as you enter water. Walk up to any body of water then proceed into it and your character will start using the surfboard automatically. From there it’s the same controls as always, so just move where you want to while surfing on your new board.

That’s how to get the surfboard and how to surf in Temtem. Now you can get out there and find rare Temtem like Nessla.

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