The Best Defenders in EA Sports FC 24

A good offense begins with a steady defense.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: EA Sports

Being lethal on the opposing end of the pitch while being dominant in yours is a must if you plan on climbing the ranks and standing among the world’s best in EA Sports FC 24. But who are the game’s best? Here are the best defenders in EA Sports FC 24.

Who Are the Best Center, Right, and Left Backs in EA Sports FC 24?

The best Center Backs (CB) in EA FC 24 are Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk (89) and the Icon card for Paolo Maldini (92).

The players are our top picks given their ability to overpower attackers and how solid their defensive attributes are. As an extra, both of them have a Leightly AcceleRATE type, which is the premier for defenders and allows them to progressively get faster during their runs.

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The game’s current best Right and Left Backs are the Brazilian Icons Cafú (91) and Roberto Carlos (90), respectively. The two set themselves apart given their high pace and overall ability to make an impact on both ends of the pitch.

The 20 Highest-Rated Defenders in EA FC 24

So that you can have a bigger scope of who the game’s best are for each defensive position, here are the 20 highest-rated defenders in EA Sports FC 24, based on the values showcased both in the game and on Futbin:

Player NameCard Type/RarityOVRFavorite Positions
Paolo MaldiniIcon92CB/LB
Carlos Alberto TorresIcon91 RB/CB/RWB
Bixente LizarazuHero90LWB/LB
Roberto CarlosIcon90RB/RWB
Lothar MatthäusIcon90CM/CB/CDM
Bobby MooreIcon90CB
Sonia BompastorHero89LB/LWB
Virgil van DijkGold89CB
Mapi LeónGold89CB
Vincent KompanyHero89CB
Rúben DiasGold89CB
Javier ZanettiIcon89RB/RWB/LB/CM
Alessandro NestaIcon89CB
Philipp LahmIcon89RB/RWB/LB/CDM
Fabio CannavaroIcon89CB
Carles PuyolIcon89CB/RB
Jürgen KohlerHero89CB

Now that you know who the game’s best defenders are, don’t forget to also check out who are the 10 Best Dribblers in EA Sports FC 24.

- This article was updated on September 21st, 2023

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