The Best Fallout 76 Fiber Optic Farm Locations

A rare component used for crafting a variety of high-tech mods and devices.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering about the best Fallout 76 Fiber Optic farm locations? Fiber Optics are an essential crafting item because it is used in high-end recipes like weaponry, armor, and mods. You will also need a lot of Fiber Optics for building tech-based structures in your camp. Examples of recipes that use fiber optics include the Alien Blaster, Yellow Trench Coat, Plasma Gun True Flamer Barrel, and Decontamination Shower. You can now see why having a lot of Fiber Optics is essential. Just like Dog Food, they are not hard to find. But you need to know where to look. Here are the best Fallout 76 Fiber Optic farm locations that can provide a never-ending supply for all your crafting needs.

The Best Fiber Optic Farm Locations in Fallout 76


You can get Fiber Optics from the following junk items. You will convert these junk items into Fiber Optic using a table of your choice:

  • Biometric Scanner: Provides a yield of 0.33
  • Fiber Optics Bundle: Provides a yield of 20
  • Flight Data Recorder: Provides a yield of 0.67
  • High-powered Microscope: Provides a yield of 0.2
  • Microscope: Provides yield of 0.29

The best locations to find the above junk items are:

  • ATLAS Observatory: You will find both Robots and microscopes in this area, providing you with lots of opportunities to find Optic Fiber
  • Beckley: The robots that fill this town will drop BioMetric Scanners. You will also find a small amount of Microscopes here.
  • Fort Defiance: The top floor of the Brotherhood Technology
  • National Radio Astronomy Research Center: You will find many rooms filled with Microscopes here.
  • RobCo Research Center: The Robco Research Center has a lot of robots for you to farm. You will find a lot of Microscopes here as well.
  • The White Spring Resort: There are a ton of robots for you to farm here.

Fog Crawlers are also known to drop a stack of five Fiber Optics when slain. You will find Fog Crawlers in the below locations:

  • Braxson’s Quality Medical Supplies
  • Carleton Mine
  • Creekside Sundew Grove
  • Dabney Homestead
  • Project Paradise
  • Pylon V-13
  • Tanagra Town
  • The Retreat
  • Welch

Fallout 76 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

- This article was updated on February 6th, 2023