The 10 Best Sims 4 Stuff Packs: Which Stuff Packs Are Actually Worth It?

These Sims 4 Stuff Packs provide the best value for your Sims!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Stuff Packs are paid DLC for The Sims 4 that provide additional objects, items, furniture, careers, and tasks for your sims. We have ranked the 10 best Sims 4 Stuff Packs that are actually worth it because it can be tough to know which paid content provides the best value and most fun. Stuff Packs are cheaper than expansion packs and game packs but still add a ton of content to your sims’ world.

Which Sims 4 Stuff Packs Are Worth It?

There are a total of 18 Stuff Packs available, but not all of them are worth it. Therefore, we have provided the ten best Stuff Packs to enhance your play experience.

Bowling Night


The Bowling Night stuff pack allows you to build a bowling alley for your sims to enjoy with their family and friends. Build fun cosmic lanes and wear retro outfits to embrace your inner Dude. This is the first stuff pack that adds a new skill, bowling, to the game.

Key Items

  • Bowling Activity: Your sims will improve their bowling ability the more they bowl. This leads to them improving their skills and unlocks fun trick shots.
  • Fashion Items: You get a ton of clothing and hairstyles with this pack which gives your sims a fun retro look



The Fitness stuff pack is perfect for your sims who love being active and exploring the outside world. This stuff pack is so good because it provides items that work well with other DLCs. In addition, your ability to use new items like workout videos to keep them in shape at home before performing activities like a mountain expedition is pretty remarkable.

Key Items

  • Earbuds: Your sims can use earbuds to improve their mood quickly. This works well with the University packs, as they can use the earbuds while doing homework.
  • Climbing Wall: The climbing wall improves your sims’ mountain climbing ability which works well with the Snow Escape DLC

Movie Hangout


Your sims can now Netflix and chill with the Movie Hangout stuff pack. Have a movie night in your backyard or chill with your boo while eating some delicious popcorn and watching a fun movie. This stuff pack includes additional items for use in your house (or outside) and bohemium-style clothing.

Key Items

  • TV Movies: TV movies can be watched on the new TVs provided by the stuff pack or on your existing TV. The genre of the movie will affect your sims’ mood and personality gains.
  • Popcorn Maker: There are three different types of popcorn your sims can make, which are all affected by your cooking skills. The fun thing about this is that your sims will eat the popcorn with their fingers and can throw it in reaction to the movie.

Vintage Glamour


Your sims can now live the high life with the Vintage Glamour stuff pack. This pack provides your sims with vintage clothing, jewelry, and furniture. The pack also provides you with a vanity table and the ability to hire a personal butler for your lazy sims.

Key Items

  1. Personal Butler: The butler can be assigned to do chores like cleaning, repairs, childcare, or gardening. Hint: build a dance floor and watch a fun interaction between your sims and butler.
  2. Vanity Table: Your sims can use the vanity table to change their makeup and appearance before they hit the town for a night out.



EA partnered with fashion brand Moschino brings you into the world of high fashion. Along with Moschino-branded clothes, you will get items like the portable tripod, allowing for picture-perfect shots anywhere your sims are.

Key Items

  • Freelance Fashion Photographer Career: This career works similarly to the freelance programmer and writer careers, where you fulfill provided tasks and submit your work for approval.
  • Improved Photography Interface: Using the new interface, you can now improve your Sims pictures by choosing their moods and poses.



The Backyard stuff pack provides many items to decorate your sims’ boring backyard. The pack includes water slides, patio furniture, wind chimes, and bird feeders. The items in this pack give your sims a new social environment and moodlet buffs.

Key Items

  • Wind Chimes: Wind chimes can provide moodlet buffs to your sims for two hours based on the type of chime used. Hint: hot-headed sims do not like wind chimes, but it is funny to see their reaction to them.
  • Water Slides: The water slides are a fun addition to your barren backyard. They provide additional benefits to your sims’ motor and fitness skills.

Laundry Day


The Laundry day pack provides a new laundry system, clothing, and styled rustic rooms. This pack is entertaining because it adds a bit of realism to their lives, as their clothes will get dirty throughout the day, requiring them to wash them regularly. You can also upgrade your sims’ washer and dryer, adding additional tasks if you are bored.

Key Items

  • Laundry System: Included in the laundry system is the ability to search their clothes pockets which could result in them finding Simeoleons or other items. Sims that wear warm and dry clothes a boost to their playful moodlet.
  • New Objects: This stuff pack includes 49 new objects, including clothing, styled looks, and styled rooms.

Nifty Knitting


Using the new knitting skill, your sims can now craft items like kids’ toys, baby clothes, and home decor. You can also sell any item created on Plopsy, which is the Etsy-inspired storefront. This stuff pack is also the first to include a new aspiration to the game: the Lord/Lady of the Knits.

Key Items

  • Knitting System: The knitting system provides the knitting skill which allows your sims to knit various objects. A remarkable feature of the knitting system is the ability to teach other sims the knitting skill so your elder sims can pass down their skills to future generations.
  • Rocking Chairs: Sims can sit on a rocking chair while performing other activities like knitting or reading. Older sims will unlock the reminisce option while sitting in rock chairs, providing positive or negative effects to their moodlets
  • Metal Radio Station: This pack also adds the Metal radio station. Fans of this pack say it has turned their innocent granny into a metal-loving knitting badass.

Tiny Living


With the Tiny Living stuff pack, your sims can join in on the real-world craze of tiny homes. This is the first stuff pack to add a new lot assignment to the game called Tiny Home Residential. Another fun idea is to build a commune where up to five sims can live on the same lot, as you can build multiple houses using items found in this stuff pack.

Key Items

  • Murphy Bed: The murphy bed includes a two-seat loveseat, a large storage compartment, and a bed that cuts down on space
  • Tiny Home Residential: This lot assignment only allows for 100 tiles to build but does not require specific items to function (think garbage can)



The Paranormal stuff pack is the most loved DLC by players, and for a good reason! It includes new careers, lot assignments, skills, NPCs, styles, and furniture. This scary stuff pack includes everything a ghost hunter could ever dream of! For even more spooky times, we recommend you pair this with the Vampires DLC.

Key Items

  • Haunted Houses: Haunted Houses are a new lot type where specters are your new roommates. Fail to interact with them, and they will scare and even attack the sims living there.
  • Paranormal Investigator Career: Your sims can become freelance paranormal investigators, where they will attempt to cleanse a house of a specter. Your sims will earn fun rewards for completing gigs.
  • Medium Skill: The medium skill allows you to perform seances, talk with the dead, remove cursed objects, and summon an NPC.

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The Sims 4 is available on PC via the EA app or Origin, Mac via Origin, Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on March 16th, 2023