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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – How To Make It To The End With Brad

Avoid death after his disappearing act.

by Dean James


Compared to the other four main characters in The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, you really don’t see too much of Brad for the first part of the game. Very soon after the boat trip starts, he gets seasick from drinking a beer and lays down. Then after the boat is boarded by the bad guys, he disappears for awhile, with you having no idea where he is for awhile. While he isn’t around, Brad does survive this part, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be killed later in the game.

There is a moment in Man of Medan where Brad can end up trapped underwater with no way to escape himself. This leaves you as Fliss having to try and save him here. When given the option, makes sure to pick the way that says Smash Hinge so that he can get out or he will drown in the water.

Just like with pretty much all characters that end up in the situation with Junior waving a gun at them and the other character in the scene, you must try to calm him down. Do not select options that will make him angry or you very well could end up dead right then and there by gunshot.

If Conrad was killed prior, Brad can also be the character you are in control of in the final showdown with Olsen. In this scene, you must press the correct QTE buttons or you will be squashed with a door. Press these correctly and Brad will make it through safely as long as the whole group options are handled correctly.

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