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The Division 2: How To Find The In-Game Clock/Time

Does anybody have the time?

by Dean James


The Division 2 returns its dynamic day and night cycle system that is operated by an in-game clock as we discussed in our guide about how to make it nighttime. You most certainly can make an educated guess on the time of day sometimes based on just how light or dark it is outside. However, there is a way to see exactly what time of the day or night it is in The Division 2 and this guide will explain just how you can find out.

How To Find The In-Game Clock/Time In The Division 2

Time in The Division 2 is most certainly not based exactly on real time, but rather a much more sped up version. With each in-game minute only lasting about 4-5 seconds, time will move pretty quickly.

Exact time in The Division 2 is never something that’s going to be overly important, but there is a way to find it out if you are interested. Rather than this being something super simple that you will find in the main menu, they have decided to hide it for some reason in a place you really wouldn’t expect.

To find out the exact time in The Division 2, you will have to open up the game’s Photo Mode. Once you have Photo Mode open, all you have to do is look to the top right area of the screen and you’ll notice an ongoing clock ticking just under the info about the location you are presently in at that time in the game. This is definitely a roundabout way of finding out the exact in-game time, but it’s an option for you if you are curious when playing The Division 2.

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