The Division 2 – How to Get Specialization Points

Fill out your skill tree by earning the required points.

by Brandon Adams
The Division 2 - How to Get Specialization Points

Specializations in The Division 2 give agents an opportunity to lean into a desired playstyle that fits their preference, but they require Specialization Points to grow. This guide will help agents understand how to get specialization points, which requires a little footwork on their end.

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Specialization points are earned from Daily and Weekly projects, completing Invaded missions, Challenging Control Points, and from leveling up.

Specialization points are earned in a handful of ways. Levels after 40 or 30 (depending on whether you own the expansion or not) will grant a specialization point (though, as of Warlords of New York this is bugged out, but a fix should be implemented soon). Additionally, completing the daily Project will award one specialization point, and completing the weekly will grant three.

UPDATE 03/06/2020: As of today, specialization points are earned every level between 31-40, and for each SHD Level reached. Only one point if granted per level up, and points are not retroactive. That’s 27 points I’m missing out on personally. A bummer, for sure, but at least the issue has been resolve.

UPDATE 03/26/2020: You now get three specialization points upon leveling.

Invaded mission give out five specialization points at Hard or higher difficulty for the first completion, but as of Title Update 8 they appear to be slightly broken. You’ll get them upon completion, but the game won’t tell you. Similarly, +4 (AKA Challenging) Control Points still award a single point when liberated, but they do seem to not display in the UI.

Weekly bounties use to hand out points, but that is no longer the case (though some have claimed on the subreddit that elite Black Tusk bounties still work). This has yet to be confirmed as either a bug or a deliberate alteration made for the Warlords of New York expansion.

As of now, that is how you get Specialization Points in The Division 2. I will update this article once the bugs have been addressed, and once we have confirmation concerning the omission of points from bounties. In the meantime, if you want to maximize your gains you will need to take on challenging content, finish your projects, and boost up your experience points via Directives (once the leveling bug is crushed).

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- This article was updated on March 26th, 2020

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