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The Division 2 – How to Set Directives

Make the game spicier for more experience, or for your masochistic pleasure.

by Brandon Adams


The Division 2: Warlords of New York is adding a plethora of new content, and one of the additions coming to the sequel are Directives. Agents who played The Underground expansion to the first game are familiar with the concept, but Directives in the Division 2 will act differently than they did in The Division.

Directives can be applied via the All tab in the map under the Global Difficulty option after beating the New York campaign.

Directives are difficulty modifies that can be enabled to increase experience gains from missions or the open world in The Division 2: Warlords of New York, and they are entirely opt in. They come in five flavors: Ammo Hoarders, Cool Skills, Fog of War Revisited, No Regen, and Special Ammo.

Directives make the game harder in some way, meaning these are not fire-and-forget tweaks. Each increases experience earned by 25%, adding up to a 125% boost to experience when all five are enabled. The modifiers are:

  • Ammo Hoarders: causes you to start with less reserve ammo, and ammo in the magazine will be lost when reloading. Enemies will not drop ammo, and no ammo will be shown on the minimap.
  • Cool Skills: places one skill on cooldown when the other is activated.
  • Fog of War Revisited: removes the minimap and directional threat indicators.
  • No Regen: stops armor regeneration between encounters, but it can still be manually replenished.
  • Special Ammo: gives all of your enemies status afflicting ammunition, determined by the enemy faction.

Do keep in mind that Directives do not increase the quality of the loot dropped during an encounter: difficulty does. So, if you want better gear rolls you need to up the difficulty either per mission or via the Global Difficulty toggle. Directives are there to boost experience gains for both SHD Levels and Season Levels. You can stack them with Global Difficulty if you want to boost your rewards and experience simultaneously, or for an extra challenge.

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- This article was updated on:March 4th, 2020

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