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The Sims 4: How to Make Treats in Cottage Living

Step right up and get your animal treats here!

by Andron Smith


Need to know how to make treats in Cottage Living? We’re guessing you mean Animal Treats as they are brand new to The Sims 4 and brought in by this latest expansion. Animal Treats not only provide positive benefits to your farm animals but can also change their color. You can have that golden chicken you’ve always wanted or perhaps a rainbow-colored llama if that’s more your jam. Are you excited? Well, we are! Here is everything we know on how to make treats in The Sims 4: Cottage Living.

How to Make Treats in The Sims 4: Cottage Living

To make treats in The Sims 4: Cottage Living expansion, you’ll first need to obtain the treats either by purchasing them at Agnes & Agatha’s or winning big at the Finchwick Fair on Saturdays. Once you obtain a treat and feed it to an animal, the recipe becomes unlocked in your fridge allowing you to make it. Some recipes require fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and other goods which you can grab from the grocery app, the Finchwick Grocery Stall, your animals, or foraging. See below for all the wonderful benefits of treats for your animals.

Oh The Colors You Will See

Depending on the animal treat you feed it, your animal will have a possible color change as well as a perk added to them. Below, we’ve broken down what each treat does for each animal available in Cottage Living.

Treat NameEffects
Animal Party TreatAll Animals: Fulfills All Social Needs.
Chocolatey TreatCows: Will produce Chocolate Milk.
Llamas: Colors them Brown. Will produce Brown Wool.
Chickens: Will produce Chocolate Eggs.
Fishy Protein TreatAll Animals: Harvest yield increased by one.
Flirty TreatCows: Will produce Strawberry Milk.
Llamas: Colors them Pink. Will produce Pink Wool.
Chickens: Will produce Strawbery Eggs.
Friendly TreatAll Animals: Improves relationship with Sim.
Fruity TreatCows: Will produce Enriched Milk.
Llamas: Colors them Blue. Will Produce Blue Wool.
Chickens: Will produce Blue Eggs.
Golden TreatCows: Will produce Golden Honey Milk.
Llamas: Colors them Gold. Will produce Gold Wool.
Chickens: Colors them Gold. Will produce Golden Eggs.
Healthy TreatAll Animals: Longer Lifespan.
Midnight TreatCows: Will produce Obsidian Milk.
Llamas: Colors them Black. Will produce Black Wool.
Chickens: Makes them evil. Yes, evil. Will produce Obsidian Eggs.
Pumpkin TreatCows: Will produce Pumpkin Spice Milk.
Llamas: Colors them Orange. Will produce Orange Wool.
Chickens: Will produce Orange Eggs.
Rainbow TreatCows: Colors them Rainbow! Will produce Rainbow Milk.
Llamas: Colors them Rainbow. Will produce Rainbow Wool.
Chickens: Will produce Rainbow Eggs.
Spicy TreatCows: Will produce Fire Milk.
Llamas: Colors them Red. Will produce Red Wool.
Chickens: Will produce Obsidian Eggs.
Veggie TreatCows: Will produce Mighty Plant Milk.
Llamas: Colors them Green. Will produce Green Wool.
Chickens: Will produce Green Eggs.


The Sims 4 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the rest of our Sims 4 content while you’re here!

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