Ursaluna Best Moveset to Use in Pokemon GO

Make Ursaluna your go-to Pokemon!

by Christian Bognar
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Pokemon GO features an incredible library of Pokemon that players can catch and use in PVP battles and Gyms. For these battles, it is crucial to have strong Pokemon that will give you a high chance of defeating your opponent and have high resistance and strengths against other types of Pokemon. Ursaluna is a good example, as this Pokemon is the third evolution of Teddiursa and has moves that will wipe out the competition. This guide will go over the best moveset for Ursaluna in Pokemon GO so you can help it reach its full potential.

Best Moveset for Ursaluna in Pokemon GO

Ursaluna’s moveset in Pokemon GO is a Rock and Ground type Pokemon, making it weak against four types—Fighting, Water, Grass, and Ice. On the bright side, Ursaluna is also resistant to a handful of Pokemon types, such as Poison, Rock, Ghost, and Electric—giving it protection over many enemies. When selecting Ursaluna’s best moveset in Pokemon GO, you should use the moves listed below for offense and defense for the highest chances of survival.


  • Tackle
  • High Horsepower


  • Rock Smash
  • High Horsepower

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This move combination gives players the highest chances in both PVP battles and Gyms they will come across. Tackle isn’t the most substantial move—with a DPS of 12—but it can be used more often since it’s a quick move. Also, the lack of DPS with Tackle can be made up using High Horsepower, which has a whopping 82.5 DPS! These two moves are for when you are attacking a Gym.

When defending a gym, you will want to use High Horsepower and Rock Smash. When Pokemon are defending a gym, they will attack at a rate of every two seconds—allowing these moves to be used in quicker succession. Rock Smash, a quick move, has a DPS of 11.5, while High Horsepower, mentioned earlier, has a DPS of 82.5.

Having Ursaluna’s best moveset in Pokemon GO ready for the situation at hand—whether attacking or defending a gym or just PVP battles—will give you a great chance at coming out on top. It also helps that this moveset can deal pretty good damage against those Pokemon types that Ursaluna is considered “weak” against.

- This article was updated on April 7th, 2023

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