V Rising Cotton Guide: How to Make Cotton Yarn and Cloth

Here's how to make Cloth goods in V Rising.

by Diego Perez


V Rising has countless crafting recipes to collect, and if you want to use all the Cotton you’ve harvested to create Cloth and Cotton Yarn, you’re going to have to put in some work first. The crafting recipes in question are unlocked after defeating one of the game’s many bosses, and the raw Cotton itself can’t be found until you’ve put at least a few hours into your vampire adventure. Once you have a decent castle for yourself and have equipped yourself with mid-tier weaponry, you can start collecting Cotton and crafting Cloth and Cotton Yarn.

How to Get Cotton in V Rising

Cotton can be found at Cotton Farms which are spread across the Dunley Farmlands region. In order to harvest it, you need Merciless Copper tools at the bare minimum. Cotton Farms are very easy to spot thanks to Cotton’s unique fluffy white appearance, so once you spot the crops, harvest to your heart’s content. Cotton can also be found in containers on Cotton Farms, so don’t forget to check those too.

Harvesting a Cotton plant also has a chance to reward Cotton Seeds, which you can use to start your very own Cotton Farm back at your base. Farming is a complicated process though, so you may not yet have all the required tools and recipes unlocked to grow your own Cotton when you first find some seeds.


How to Make Cotton Yarn and Cloth

Cloth and Cotton Yarn can be crafted from raw Cotton, but you’ll have to defeat Beatrice the Tailor first in order to unlock the necessary crafting recipes. She can be found in Dawnbreak Village, and she’s easy to take down. When you beat Beatrice, you’ll unlock the following items:

  • Loom Structure
  • Assortment of Curtains Structure
  • Human Form Vampire Power
  • Hunter’s Cloak Recipe
  • Cloth Recipe
  • Cotton Yarn Recipe

The Loom is the most important reward, as this crafting station will allow you to spin Cotton into Cotton Yarn. One piece of Cotton Yarn requires 20 Cotton to make. The Loom also allows you to craft Cloth, which requires 9 Plant Fibre and 3 Leather per piece. Leather can be obtained from the Tannery, which you already have unlocked by this point. Plant Fibre is easily obtained by chopping grass with your sword and again, you probably have a bunch stocked up by this point.

V Rising is available now in early access on Steam.

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