Valheim: How to Build a Maypole

Celebrate midsummer with a new crafting recipe

by Joshua Garibay

Valheim, the Steam mega-hit, continues to receive updates throughout its Early Access development. The latest update has given players of the survival game a new way to better prepare against the increasingly aggressive creatures wandering through the various biomes.

Previously found only in abandoned villages within the Meadows biome, the Maypole structure can now be crafted by players. The Maypole boosts comfort, which translates to the rested status found in other games. The result is increased XP gains, health regeneration, and stamina regeneration. The bonuses make it a no-brainer to add to any outpost.

How to Build a Maypole

First, make sure that Update 0.155.7 has been installed. This June patch added the Maypole to the available crafting items. Playing an earlier version of Valheim will restrict the structure’s appearance to the aforementioned spaces in the Meadows.

With the update applied, here are the crafting items needed for the Maypole:

  • Wood (x10)
    • Gained from trees
    • Dropped by Greydwarfs
  • Dandelion (x4)
    • Found in Meadows
    • Dropped by Greydwarf Brutes
  • Thistle (x4)
    • Found in Black Forest and Swamp

Be quick; the Maypole is a limited-time item in celebration of midsummer. So be sure to add the stat-boosting fixture to those beautiful viking homes to give yourself (and your friends) a welcome lift before the next outing.

Valheim is now available on PC via Steam Early Access.