Valheim Update 0.155.7 Patch Notes

Celebrate midsummer with more aggressive enemy AI

by Joshua Garibay

Update 0.155.7 has arrived for Valheim and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

The update primarily targets enemy AI, making the threats in Valheim more formidable. That’s what we wanted, right? Sure we did. Forget the Hearth and Home update; what we have really been asking for are more accurate Greydwarfs and more aggressive, structure-destroying trolls.

On the positive side, Iron Gate Studio is celebrating midsummer with a new crafting addition. The Maypole was previously found in certain configurations of the Meadows biome, but it can now be crafted thanks to the new update. So spruce up those bases before monsters with newfound hostility knock it all down.

Here’s everything new with Valheim update 0.155.7.

Valheim Update 0.155.7 Patch Notes

  • Random save bug-fix (Solves a very unusual case of world corruption caused when shutting down)
  • Monster AI tweaks (More aggressively attacking structures when unable to attack the player among other things)
  • Open container fix (Fixes issue where you had to click a container multiple times to open it in multiplayer)
  • Taught Greydwarfs to throw better
  • Event trigger tweaks (Wolf event only triggers after Bonemass has been killed, Moder army can trigger in mountains etc.)
  • Long forgotten Blob event enabled
  • SFX volume setting fix (Used wrong DB conversion)
  • Maypole enabled (Happy midsummer!)
  • AI flee behaviour tweaks (Bosses don’t run from you anymore)

Valheim is currently in Early Access on Steam.