Valorant: Best Gekko Ascent Lineups and Setups

Use these Gekko lineups to secure your win.

by Malik Hamza Rashid
Gekko Valorant Ascent Lineups

It’s not easy getting around Valorant’s Ascent. The map features two spike sites and an open center, so your usual strategies might not work here. However, Gekko and his abilities can give you an upper hand, provided you use them right.

This article will walk you through the best Gekko Ascent lineups and setups in Valorant. 

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What are the Best Gekko Ascent Lineups and Setups in Valorant?

I like to play these lineups and setups for attacking and defending with an agent like Gekko on Ascent. 

A Lobby

Going down from A Site, stand next to the Radionite boxes in A Lobby. Place your HUD Line on the railing below the box on the wall next to you. Once you’ve got the aim down, throw your Mosh Pit. It will land at A Site around the generator. Alternatively, you can aim your crosshair at the outer tip of the rightmost spear.

This time, the Mosh will land in front of the boxes at A site in the middle. If you aim at the tip of the second bar on the antenna from the right — the one on the building on your right — you can target enemies standing next to the doorway. 

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A Main 

At A Main, stand under the vines next to the sign that reads, “Vini Venart.” Place the tip of your HUD line under the box on the wall before you. Upon throwing the Mosh, it will land in the area next to the generator at A Site. 

A Link

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If enemies are pushing down A Main, you can stand next to the doorway under the trees at A Link. Aim your crosshair at the leaves above you. Specifically, the one in the middle. Upon firing, the Mosh will go over the walls and land in A-Main.  

A Heaven 

When I am retaking A Site, I like to stand next to the second line on the pipe after climbing the stairs. Aim your crosshair under the tip of the cannon in the distance. When you fire the Mosh, it will land in the backside of A Site. 

B Main #1

For attacking B site, stand next to the small hut on B Main. Aim your crosshair at the top of the second spike from the right, above you. Upon firing, the Mosh will land right next to the Radionite boxes on B Site. 

B Main #2

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If I am making a run for B Site from B Main, I like to go with this setup for clearing B Site. You can stand under the window next to the wall. Aim your crosshair in the second space of the window between the railings. The Mosh will bounce off the building and land in the passageway, which is a spot where enemies don’t expect to be attacked most of the time. 

It’s fairly easy to remember these lineups, so make sure to use them whenever you can. 

- This article was updated on December 4th, 2023