Valorant: Best Sova Haven Lineups and Setups

Try these Sova lineups for Haven today.

by Malik Hamza Rashid
sova haven lineups
Image: Riot Games

Winning a Valorant match is not all about shooting first. It’s about gauging your enemies’ positions and proceeding accordingly. The best way to figure out where your opponents are lurking on Haven is with Sova’s help. The Russian assassin can take your team to the top with his bow and arrow. To get the most out of his skills, here are the best Sova Haven lineups and setups you can try. 

What are the Best Sova Haven Lineups and Setups?

Image: Riot Games

The best Sova lineups need to be quick and easy. You don’t want to spend half the match pinpointing which corners to target. I think these lineups meet the criteria.

C Site – Shock Dart 

Even the best teams will have a hard time making it alive through the C site. However, as your team’s trusty marksmen, you can boost their chances by attacking C site. Stand in the corner of the wall near the Spawn wall. Aim your crosshair at the left edge of the rock formation in front of you. Fire the arrow with one charge. 

God A Site – Recon Bolt 

Stand on top of the wall in A Long. Get as close to the wall as possible, and then aim for the right corner of the shed in front of you. Fire with two bars of charge and one bounce. The arrow will land right on the roof of A site, giving you a bird’s eye view of the area. 

A Lobby – Recon Bolt

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

You can take control of A Lobby by firing an arrow from A Site to A Link. Simply stand next to the double-stacked box and aim your arrow at the branches above. Shoot the Recon Bolt at two bars of charge without any bounce. It will land right at the entrance of A Lobby. I think this is the perfect way to catch any wandering attackers in the area off-guard. 

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Early Mid Attack – Shock Dart

I think many players will agree that getting the upper hand in the middle is not easy. However, as Sova, you can turn the tide around with a well-placed Shock Dart. Stand next to the wall near the window. Aim your crosshair at the middle of the wall under the windows of the house in front of you. Fire your arrow with the maximum charge and one bounce. The arrow will land on the arch, revealing any players that managed to break through the middle. 

Garage Control – Recon Bolt


Image: attackofthefanboy

Stand on the left side of the entrance and the barrier to take control of the Garage. Aim your crosshair at the right corner of the first bounce box at the bottom. Fire your arrow with one bounce and max charge. The arrow will land on the wall in the Garage, revealing what your enemies are up to in the Garage. Do it right and you can even score some kills in the Garage. 

Remember you can execute the best lineup, only if you’re good with the bow. 

- This article was updated on November 20th, 2023