Valorant: Best Sova Split Lineups and Setups

by Malik Hamza Rashid
Valorant Sova
Image: Riot Game

Raised in the unforgiving winter of Russia’s tundra, Valorant’s Sova is a ruthless tracker on the battlefield. Use his bow right and your team will be racking up kills. To get the most out of his trusty bow and arrow, here are the best Sova split lineups and setups.  

What are the Best Sova Split Lineups in Valorant?

Image: Riot Game

Below is a breakdown of the best lineups for Sova Split in Valorant. 

God A Main – Recon Bolt

Go stand in a corner at A Rafters and aim a Recon Bolt into A Lobby. Doing so will reveal the position of all enemies in the area. 

A Main Alternative – Recon Bolt

If your first arrow ends up taking a lot of hits, you can try again. Only this time fire your arrow at the metal bar in your line of sight for the A Lobby. 

A Entrance – Shark Dart

For a more offensive approach, you can knock your enemies out at the A entrance with a shark dart. Stand on A Rafters again and aim your arrow at the right corner of the entrance of the building in front of you. The arrow should bounce once. For your second shot, aim your arrow just under the slide on the platform to your right – the one with the metal bars. The second arrow should bounce once too. 

Unexpected A Main – Recon Bolt

Stand on A Ramps and shoot a Recon Bolt towards A Main. Your enemies in A Main won’t see this one coming.  

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Middle – Shark Dart

If your enemies are stirring up trouble, you can go for a Shark Dart in the middle with Sova Split. Stand on A Ramp and take aim at the edge of the leftmost building in front of you. After that, for the second shot quickly run into the vents until you’re in front of the doorframe. Shoot your arrow at the bottom of the doorframe. 

God B Main – Recon Bolt 

Image: Riot Game

Stand on A Ramp again and this time take aim at the edge of the wooden frame in front of the buildings. Do two bounces with a max charge and you’ll be able to directly direct your enemies’ spawn site. 

New Plant Spot – Shark Dart 

Stand in the right corner of B Alley. Aim your first arrow at the top of the shed and do a third bar charge. Then quickly walk towards the entrance until the box comes into view. Aim your arrow right above the box and do once bounce with the max charge. 

Screens – Shock Dart

For this one stand on top of the flower pot. For your first shot, aim at the right corner of the bench in front of you and do two bounces with max charges. For your second arrow, turn around and take aim at the top corner of the building you see in the distance.

Remember you’ll be able to deal more damage the more you play the game and practice your aim. Done right and you can carry your teamates

- This article was updated on November 20th, 2023