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Valorant Agent Tier List – Best Characters to Use

Which agent is the best?

by Diego Perez


Valorant is like Counter-Strike meets Overwatch, letting players take control of one of ten agents with their own unique abilities and playstyles. While each character has strengths and weaknesses, some characters are much better than others. Even though Valorant is still in beta, players have already started to figure out which characters are dominating the meta and which agents are better left ignored. These are the best characters to play in Valorant, ranked from best to worst in a tier list.

S Tier



Sage is without a doubt the best agent in all of Valorant. Every one of her abilities is incredibly useful, and she should be a required pick for every team that’s serious about competing. Her primary ability is a heal that she can use either on a teammate or herself, and it can bring someone back into the fight after a close call. Her other abilities like her wall and slow orb are the best area controls abilities in the game, and they can shut down an enemy push in seconds. Finally, her ultimate can revive a dead ally, which can quickly turn the tide of a fight.



Raze is this high on the tier list for completely different reasons than Sage. Sage is an excellent support, while Raze’s abilities make her one of the most capable fraggers in the whole game. Her cluster grenade deals a ridiculous amount of damage in a very wide radius, and her boom bot can flush an enemy out and force them to move and reveal their position for your team. A well-placed blast pack can also stop an enemy push and snag a quick kill on an unsuspecting foe. Her ultimate is practically a free kill, firing a rocket that hits way harder than anything else in her arsenal. If an enemy is camping in a corner, Raze can easily shut them down.



Phoenix is an incredibly capable entry fragger, equipped with abilities that can disrupt enemies and force them to reveal themselves to your team. Aggression is the name of the game with Phoenix, and all of his abilities are perfect for pressuring foes during a push. His curveball flashbangs blind anyone who sees them (even allies), and they can secure an easy kill if you get anyone with them. His hot hands ability allows him to throw an explosive fireball that lingers where it lands, damaging any enemies who walk through it. He can also create a wall of fire that cuts off vision and can hide a push or a plant. Also, Phoenix heals whenever he stands in one of his fire abilities. Finally, Phoenix’s ultimate marks his current location and returns him to that spot after the ability ends, even if he dies. This means Phoenix can rush into battle and scout out a bomb site for the team without worry.

A Tier



Kills aren’t everything in Valorant. Intel can dramatically sway the odds in your team’s favor, and Sova excels in gathering intel. His recon bolt spots any enemies in its line of sight, and it can be bounced off of walls to scout around corners. His owl drone can show your team exactly who’s hiding in a room and shut down any ambushes, and his shock bolts are great for flushing foes out of cover. His ultimate can be paired with his intel-gathering abilities, allowing him to shoot a powerful energy blast through walls. A good Sova can put immense pressure on the opposing team and lead their team with helpful intel and callouts.



Breach is the perfect pick for any aggressive Valorant player. All of his abilities make him the perfect entry fragger, and he should be at the front of any push. All of his abilities pass through walls, allowing him to force enemies to move and put pressure on any enemies waiting for an ambush. Each of his abilities either blinds or stuns whoever it hits, so it can basically guarantee a kill if you manage to land one. A good Breach player should lead the push for their team and use their abilities to disorient enemies and open up kill opportunities for the team.



Brimstone is an offensive agent with a handful of support abilities. He’s one of the most well-rounded agents on the roster, and every one of his abilities is useful. His incendiary grenade deals heavy damage and can control choke points and shut down pushes. Sky smoke denies vision to the enemy team, which can provide allies with an easy push or plant. It can also be used as a diversion, making enemies think you’re about to push from somewhere else. The stim beacon increases the fire rate of all nearby allies, providing an appreciated edge during firefights. Finally, his ultimate is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, and anyone caught in the orbital strike’s radius when it goes off is pretty much dead.



Jett might not be as strong as some of the other frag-focused agents in the game, but she can still make some impressive plays and clutch out rounds with her mobility options. Her cloudburst ability is essentially the same as Brimstone’s sky smoke, denying vision for both teams to set up flanks or other plays. The main draws to playing Jett are her updraft and tailwind abilities, which allow her to jump high into the air or immediately dash short distances. These skills allow Jett to reach places normal agents cannot, and her quick dashes can catch unsuspecting enemies off guard. When combined with her ultimate, which arms her with hyper-accurate throwing knives, Jett can clear an entire point pretty much by herself if you can aim well enough.

B Tier



Cypher’s abilities are useful, but they’re situational and have weaknesses that other agents’ abilities don’t have. His tripwire reveals enemies that pass through it and stuns them if they don’t destroy it, but the fact that it’s limited to one spot hinders its overall helpfulness. His cyber cage ability functions the same as other vision denying abilities, but it also slows enemies. His camera and ultimate are the primary reasons to choose him, as they can provide incredibly helpful intel for the whole team. The camera’s utility can be cut short if it is destroyed or if Cypher is caught off guard by a flanking foe, but his ultimate is always helpful to have, revealing the location of all enemies for a brief period of time.



Omen’s abilities are some of the weakest in the game, but he packs a powerful ultimate to make up for it. Like many of Valorant’s agents, Omen has a vision denying orb called dark cover that can be thrown a certain distance away. His paranoia ability is best paired with push, as it hinders the vision of anyone it touches. He can teleport using his shadow walk ability, but the startup time makes it impractical unless you’re trying to get on top of boxes or reach a vantage point. His ultimate ability, however, allows him to teleport anywhere on the map, which can be incredibly useful for flanking or quickly taking the spike to another bomb site.

C Tier



Viper isn’t bad, but she’s definitely the weakest agent in all of Valorant. Her snakebite ability places a pool of damaging acid on the ground, but it doesn’t deal nearly as much damage as Phoenix or Brimstone’s incendiary grenades. Poison cloud is another vision denying ability, but it uses Viper’s fuel resources as long as it’s active. The same goes for her toxic screen ability, which is essentially the same as Phoenix’s wall of fire. It also costs fuel to use. Viper’s ultimate is undoubtedly her best ability, and it’s best used at a bomb site. It emits a massive toxic cloud that covers a large area, and it stays up as long as Viper remains inside. Any enemy who enters the cloud is highlighted for Viper, and it can lead to multiple free kills.

- This article was updated on:May 2nd, 2020

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