How to Make a Flower Crosshair in Valorant

Use these settings to create a flower crosshair

by Christian Bognar

Valorant allows you to create some pretty unique crosshairs. Creating your crosshair is excellent as the player, to add some personality to your character and to show off on the battlefield. One of these crosshairs is the flower, and players can create it pretty quickly by going into the settings menu in-game. This guide will go over all the setting requirements to make your crosshair look like a flower, adding some personality to your gun. 

Settings to Create a Flower Crosshair

The first step you want to do is go to the crosshair tab on the top of the screen in the main menu. This will bring you to the settings where you need to adjust to officially make it look like a flower. Below are the setting requirements, so follow these steps accordingly.


  • Outlines – Turn on
  • Outline Opacity – Set to 1
  • Outline Thickness – Set to 1
  • Center Dot – Turn on
  • Center Dot Opacity – Set to 1
  • Center Dot Thickness – Set to 4
  • Show Inner Lines – Turn on

Inner Lines

  • Inner Line Opacity – Set to 0
  • Inner Line Length – Set to 4
  • Inner Line Thickness – Set to 10
  • Inner Line Offset – Set to 2

Outer Lines

  • Show Outer Lines – Turn on
  • Outer Line Opacity – Set to 0
  • Outer Line Length – Set to 3
  • Outer Line Thickness – Set to 4
  • Outer Line Offset – Set to 4

These settings will make your crosshair look as close to a flower as possible. Feel free to mess around with these settings if you want to make it larger and more apparent, but make sure not to adjust drastically where it starts to look like something completely different. Besides the flower’s great look, it is also an accurate crosshair to take out your opponents.

If you find a friend or even an opponent with a crosshair you would like to claim as your own, copy their code so you can apply the look to your gun. Read our guide on correctly copying others’ crosshair codes before you miss out on cool and unique designs! We even compiled a list of codes for the top 5 coolest crosshairs available, so check out our picks.

Valorant is now available on PC.

- This article was updated on November 2nd, 2022

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