Valorant: Best Killjoy Pearl Lineups and Setups

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by Amitesh Dhar

Killjoy is one of the most popular Sentinels in Valorant to date. Although her abilities are most useful in post-plant or defensive scenarios, she can be used to decimate the enemy quite effectively.

Pearl is the newest map on the block in Valorant. Both the sites on this map are quite compact, but have multiple entry points, making defense a tough job. Having said that, here are some lineups for Killjoy on Pearl which might help you get an upper hand on the enemy.

All Killjoy Lineups for Valorant’s Pearl Map

As mentioned above, Killjoy’s abilities make her very effective in post plant and defensive scenarios. We’ll go through her setups site-wise and scenario-wise. But before we go on to the setups, always remember that the abilities you get to use are complimentary to your gunplay. Yes, it’s easy to bag a kill or two with your abilities, but you have just a single or two ability charges at max. When it comes to bullets, you have 90!

A Defense


The A site on Pearl has four different entry points. One right in front of you, one at the side, and two at the back. When defending, it’s easy to cover the sites at the back because there’s enough cover, but covering the entry points in front of you can get ugly real quick. To help you work better, drop a grenade each on both the stairs leading into A-Site.


Equip Killjoy’s Sentry Turret and place it near the wall close to A-Secret. This gives the bot a good angle, but it makes it difficult for the enemy to shoot down the bot.


As for your alarm bot, the best bet would be to place it at mid, between A-Connector and A-Art.

B Defense


When compared to the A Site on Pearl, the B Site is much more open. To help defend this area well, place your Sentry Turret on top of B Screen. This should cover the B Long quite easily. While the turret might not be able to bag kills from here, it could serve as a marker. The enemy, if they enter from B Long, will break the Turret first. That should work as a notification that the enemy is coming in from there.


As for the Swarm Grenades, place them close to the box at the site, and near the pillar below B Tower. These two are default plant sites, and the grenade explosion radius covers enough area to hurt anyone trying to plant the spike in the vicinity.


When it comes to your Alarm Bot, place it between Mid Doors and B Link. While it might not do much, placing it in between these areas will give you enough intel, and enough time to react, should the enemy plan on pouring in from here.

Killjoy in Plant Scenarios

When it comes to the post-plant scenarios, there’s no specific lineup that you can come up with. The best way to go about this would be to dump your Swarm Grenades on the Spike itself. Once you’ve done that, place the Sentry Turret diagonally opposite to where you’ve planted the Spike, preferably with some cover.

If you’ve planted the Spike at B Site, the best place to drop the Turret would be behind B Screen. If you’ve planted at A Site, the best place to drop the Turret would be inside A Dugout. Even if the enemy destroys the Turret, it should give you enough time to activate the Swarm Grenades and move into position to defend the Spike from the incoming enemies!

These are some of the lineups and setups that you can experiment with, in Valorant. However, do remember that there are a lot of other setups and lineups that you can come across as well. Feel free to experiment with all of them and see which suits you best!

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VALORANT is available on PC.

- This article was updated on October 28th, 2022

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