Valorant Region Change: How to Play in a Different Region

Here's how to change region in Valorant!

by Gordon Bicker


Valorant has amassed an exponentially growing player base that always has a lot of activity in terms of streaming the experience. Players have been enjoying the fast-paced and strategic gameplay when working through the many diverse maps that the game offers. Some players have recently been wanting to change the region that they play on in terms of the servers and thus this guide article has been designed in order to give you details on how to change your region in Valorant.

Changing Valorant Region

There are a few ways to change your region in Valorant but are better to utilize than certain other methods. Unfortunately, when you create a Riot ID, the region that it is linked with will be your main region. However, if you have an incorrect region and are not able to play with others from your region, the main way to change your region for Valorant is by going to the Valorant Support website page and following the steps to do so through that method.

If you are planning to pick up the game and play with some of the latest agents you will be wanting to make sure that you are on the correct region server. As noted, going to the support page is the main method in order to change your region for Valorant.

Some players have also utilized a VPN while creating their Riot ID to have it linked to another region, however, I personally wouldn’t recommend this method in order to avoid any complications with your account in the future. The support team will likely be able to help you change your region if you really need it changed for your account. With the information that Valorant may be arriving for consoles soon, more and more players will be joining the experience and wanting to know how to change their region.

Valorant is available now on PC.

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