Valorant Neon Agent Breakdown: Abilities, Trailer, Gameplay

A new agent makes their way to Valorant!

by Gordon Bicker


Valorant has been getting updated frequently with new content always being added by developers to create one of the best gaming experiences possible for players who enjoy the first-person shooter genre. Ultimately, the continuation of updates keeps the community clutching onto any new details that emerge about future updates and recently a trailer was released showcasing the new Agent Neon and what they will bring to the table. This guide article will take you over everything you need to know about the new Agent ‘Neon’ in Valorant.

Who Neon is in Valorant

Neon is the latest Agent being added to Valorant for the Episode 4: Disruption season/update. Notably, the agent is ‘Manila-born’ has an excellent aesthetic for the character’s overall design. The new trailer showcased the extent of the characters abilities that will be mentioned in more detail further on in the article.

Neon is agile and has a focus based around devastating electricity. The trailer is slick in showing off the new character and has players rallying to find out more about the Agent’s overall lore when the update launches. Exquisite music choice ensures that viewers are grasped throughout the trailer and create new hype surrounding the Episode. Before jumping into the new Episode when it is ready, be sure that you have optimised Valorant to the best possible specifications.

Neon’s Gameplay and Abilities

Firstly, Neon’s gameplay is filled with speed as the core factor that distinguishes her from the other agents and allows her to make her own mark on the battlefield. She can be seen in the trailer to be navigating the battlefield with ease and decimating opponents who stand in her way.

Furthermore, her core abilities are centered around that same speed, with one of her abilities allowing her to run faster and also even slide in general to get an upper hand on the maps. Along with this, she also can be seen using one of her abilities to create a double sided elemental wall on either side of her which is fired out in front of her. This will make her an effective character in being able to keep the enemies flowing in the direction that she wants them to be going and works as an excellent means of crowd control.

The likely ultimate ability of Neon that can be seen in the trailer allows her to act as a power-trip fuelled character and shoot electricity from her hands towards oncoming enemy players. This goes hand in hand with another ability of hers that appears to let her throw ‘electric’ grenades of sorts that act as bouncy balls hitting off walls and then dealing damage in the central area where it lands on the ground.

All of Neon’s abilities are shaping up to certainly give many players an extra advantage on the battlefield and it is a joy to watch the development team’s continued works on creating the range of unique Agents for players to play as in the latest updates.

Will you be delving into the new Episode to play as the new Agent Neon in Valorant?

Valorant is available now on PC.

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