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WarioWare: Get it Together! How to Unlock All the Micro Games

Get the entire catalogue of Micro Games!

by Elliott Gatica


WarioWare: Get it Together! sports a huge number of Micro Games, spanning over ten different categories. There are categories like food, Nintendo Classics, culture, sports, and more. However, not all the games will be unlocked right from the get-go. This is a guide that will help you to unlock all of them so you can have more variety and deliver a full WarioWare experience.

How to unlock all the Micro Games in WarioWare: Get it Together!

To get all the Micro Games in WarioWare: Get it Together! you will have to play through the entire story mode first. This will unlock all the categories first, along with the characters who were introduced with them.

When you first play through the major parts of the story, you’ll only really get to experience roughly 14 games and the boss stage before moving onto the next area. However, once you complete the game, you can revisit this mode and go beyond 15 stages.


You will then assemble a crew. Pick whomever you are most comfortable playing as. It does not matter who you choose to replay these stages. Replaying them will put you in a playlist where any game of that particular category is picked. Also, try going past the first boss stage, the longer you last in these sessions, the more coins you’ll be rewarded.

You may not unlock all the games after playing at least 30. They come in at random, so you’ll just have to repeat them until you get a Collector mission popup in your playthrough.

A good way to determine if you unlocked all the games for a particular section is if you get the “Collector” mission completed worth 500 coins each. Alternatively, you can also check if you have all the Micro Games collected for a category by checking your Play-o-pedia.

Stay tuned as we’ll be putting out more guides and a review about WarioWare: Get it Together! The game is out right now on the Nintendo Switch.

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