Warzone DMZ Spetznaz Documents Location: Spetznaz Exposed Mission Guide

How do I complete the Spetznaz Exposed mission in DMZ?

by Noah Nelson
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Spetznaz Exposed is the story mission for Black Mous tier three in Warzone DMZ and it is a tricky one. The goal is to get inside the Koschei Complex Alpha Cluster, find the Spetznaz Documents, safely extract with them, and drop them in the Phalanx Dead Drop on Vondel. I know the location of the Spetznaz Documents, so without further adieu, here is how to complete the Spetznaz Exposed mission in DMZ.

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How to Complete Spetznaz Exposed Mission in Warzone DMZ

The steps needed to get inside the DMZ Koschei Complex Alpha Cluster are difficult, but that is the only way to get the Spetznaz Documents. Here is the exact location of the Spetznaz Documents, how to get them, and how to get out in one piece.

How to Get Into Koschei Complex Alpha Cluster in DMZ

The first step to Spetznaz Exposed is to get into Koschei Complex Alpha Cluster. To get here, I recommend bringing Night Visions Goggles and you’ll also need a car battery and jumper cables, which you can find at gas stations, so get through any doors.

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I recommend entering through the Rohan Oil Tunnel since the path through External Ops into the Chemical Plant, which is the center of Koschei Complex, is the easiest. Take your time dispatching the armored guards and the sentry guns.

Once you’re in the Chemical Plant, look for the panel on the wall of C1 and C2. Activate it to open the door to the Alpha Cluster. Remember to watch out for sentry guns and guards and hunt for the AQ Laptops if you are looking for the Heated Madness Grip.

Once you’re inside the Alpha Cluster, travel to the middle of the room on the south side. Here, you’ll see a glowing orange fire with broken building pieces forming a ramp upward. Now that you’re on the second level, continue east and keep your eye on the ground close to the right side wall. You’ll find the Spetznaz Documents on the ground here.

How to Extract with the Spetznaz Documents in DMZ

Now that you have the Spetznaz Documents, all you need to do is exfil safely (which is easier said than done). Luckily, you can extract fast since there is an elevator in Alpha Cluster on the opposite side of the room. Traverse over to it and get out of there.

How to Deliver the Spetznaz Documents to the Phalanx Dead Drop Near the University in DMZ

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After exfiling successfully, you still need to drop the Spetznaz Documents in the Phalanx Dead Drop. This can be the most stressful part because if you die in Vondel with the Spetznaz Documents in your backpack, you’ll need to restart the mission.

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The Phalanx Dead Drop is located on Vondel near the University and north of Graveyard. You’ll see a white dumpster on the corner between Castle, Graveyard, and University. Open the dumpster, drop the Spetznaz Documents, and you’ll complete the Spetznaz Exposed mission.

- This article was updated on July 10th, 2023

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