Warzone Operation Monarch Guide: All Challenges & Rewards

Earn free Monsterverse rewards by playing the limited-time event.

by Diego Perez


The Operation Monarch event is now live in Call of Duty: Warzone and players can earn unique Monsterverse-themed rewards by participating in the new limited-time playlist featuring Godzilla and King Kong. Just like previous Warzone events, Operation Monarch has a set of limited-time challenges that reward free cosmetic items upon completion, and there’s a bonus weapon blueprint up for grabs for those who are capable of completing every challenge the event has to offer.

Because this event lasts a lot longer than previous Warzone events, however, these challenges will take a fair bit of grinding to finish. Here are all the Operation Monarch challenges and rewards in Call of Duty: Warzone.

All Operation Monarch Challenges in Warzone

There are 8 challenges to complete during the Operation Monarch event in Warzone, and each of them is listed below along with their respective rewards.

  • Play Operation Monarch for 6 Hours: Epic “Ancestral Skull” Charm
  • Use a Kong or Godzilla Killstreak Once: Rare “Ancient Remains” Charm
  • Use a Kong or Godzilla Killstreak Three Times: Rare “Monarch Eyes Only” Charm
  • Deal 500,000 damage to Titans: Rare “Concrete Jungle” Sticker
  • Deal 135,000 total damage to Kong in Titan Frenzy Events: Legendary “Team Godzilla” Emblem
  • Deal 135,000 total damage to Godzilla in Titan Frenzy Events: Legendary “Team Kong” Emblem
  • Collect 3,000 Monarch Intel: Epic “Skyline Crasher” Calling Card
  • Place in the Top 15 twelve times in the Operation Monarch Limited-Time Mode: Epic “One Will Fall” Spray

If you manage to complete all 8 challenges before the event ends on May 25, then you will receive the “Ancient Rivalry” Marksman Rifle Blueprint as a bonus reward. This is pretty typical for Warzone events, but this time, the challenges will take a lot longer to complete since the event lasts for a full two weeks.

Additional rewards for participating in the event have also been teased, including Charms, Calling Cards, and Player Titles. However, no information has been shared about the specifics of these bonus rewards. This guide will be updated when we know more.

There will also be secret rewards “for the brave (or just plain reckless)” according to Activision, but again, not much is known about these additional rewards. Even though the event has secret challenges, you’ll still need to complete the 8 main ones in order to obtain the “Ancient Rivalry” Marksman Rifle Blueprint.

How to Use a Kong or Godzilla Killstreak

Using a Kong or Godzilla killstreak is a core part of the Operation Monarch LTM. Players can collect Monarch Intel by opening Supply Drops scattered across Caldera or by damaging the two Titans whenever they become enraged and begin a Titan Frenzy event. By collecting enough Monarch Intel, players will receive a unique Killstreak called the S.C.R.E.A.M. Device.

With the S.C.R.E.A.M. Device in your possession, you can mark a spot anywhere on the map for Godzilla to attack with its Heat Ray breath or for Kong to attack with a ground pound attack. You can call these in anywhere, and they’re devastatingly powerful. Multiple S.C.R.E.A.M. Devices cannot be used in rapid succession though, so you won’t be able to call in a Godzilla or Kong Killstreak if another squad has already done so recently.

How to Deal Damage to Titans

In the Operation Monarch LTM, Godzilla and Kong will be present on Caldera the entire time. You can attack them with your weapons, but there’s no way to completely repel or defeat them. The best time to deal damage to Titans is during a Titan Frenzy event, which takes place at the start of every match and at a random point during the round.


Before a Titan Frenzy occurs, everyone in the lobby will be notified. At that point, they can tactically retreat to wait out the storm or attempt to suppress Godzilla and Kong by dealing damage to them. The squad that deals the most damage will automatically receive a S.C.R.E.A.M. Device as a reward, and runner-up squads will receive large amounts of Monarch Intel. Be careful when attacking these Titans, however, as they’re incredibly dangerous.

How to Collect Monarch Intel

Monarch Intel is the currency for the event. You can find it in Supply Drops and chests throughout the island, you can obtain it from fallen enemies, or you can obtain some by damaging Godzilla and Kong during Titan Frenzy events. Collecting Monarch Intel will fill a special meter that unlocks items like Killstreaks and Loadout Drops for free.

If you manage to fill the Monarch Intel bar up completely, however, then you’ll receive a S.C.R.E.A.M. Device to enlist the help of Godzilla or Kong. Remember, these Titan Killstreaks cannot be used in rapid succession, so you’ll have to wait if another squad has already used Godzilla’s Heat Ray breath or Kong’s ground pound.

How Long Will Operation Monarch Last?

Operation Monarch will be live in Warzone for two weeks, beginning on Wednesday, May 11 and ending on Wednesday, May 25. These challenges will only be around during this two-week period, so make sure to get them done before the free rewards are gone for good. The Godzilla and Kong Bundles in the store will also disappear once the event ends, so make sure to spend your COD Points on them before it’s too late if you want them.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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