Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Get Tech Points

Forget leveling: you'll have to hunt down your skill points here.

by Brandon Adams
Watch Dogs: Legion - How to Get Tech Points

Tech points in Watch Dogs: Legion are used to purchase and improve various upgrades, gadgets, weapons, and hacks within the game, and you’ll need a wealth of them to max everything out. Tech points are fairly easy to come by, but they’ll require some effort on your part to acquire.

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Tech points can be found scattered throughout London, and are earned from completing story mission in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Tech points are green diamonds on the map, and they’ll either appear when you’re near them, or after clearing a borough (in which case all tech points within that neighborhood are revealed on the map). There are also tech points attached to story missions as rewards within Watch Dogs: Legion, so you will be able to keep up somewhat if you stick entirely to the narrative.

Tech points hidden across London take a little work to earn. There’s usually one per restricted area, though tech points in Watch Dogs: Legion are not isolated to these areas. Some can be easily picked up with some light parkour, but the majority will require you to hack and navigate your way to them. The most common tech point challenge involves the spiderbot: these elusive points will be hidden within a vent or sealed room only the little robot can access. Additionally, some will require the cargo drone to reach if they are located atop a building.

You can scan the area around a tech point to highlight it in the world, either by pressing in the right-stick (R3), or tapping V on keyboard. The tech point will have a green outline, and you can use this knowledge to determine how that tech point is reached. If it’s in a room behind a locked access point then you’ll need to hack your way in. If you see a bunch of vents then you’ll likely need a spiderbot to grab it (these tech points tend to have a spiderbot spawn nearby for use if you so happen to not own a spiderbot of your own).

Each tech point earned out in the world is actually worth 10 points, so it behooves you to hunt these down. The most expensive tech upgrades in Watch Dogs: Legion can go for upwards of 50 tech points, so you don’t want to sleep on farming tech points during moments of downtime.

- This article was updated on October 28th, 2020

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