What Are The Paths in Attack on Titan Final Chapters? Here’s Why It’s So Important to the Ending

by J.R. Waugh
What Are the Paths in Attack on Titan
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Attack on Titan took on some bold concepts in the later phases of its story. What was once a story of humanity’s hopeless struggle against the Titans evolved into a cerebral plot involving Eldians, Ymir, and the Paths. But what are the Paths in Attack on Titan?

The Paths and Subjects of Ymir in Attack on Titan, Explained

The Paths are what connect the consciousness of all Titans and Subjects of Ymir in Attack on Titan, creating what’s called a quantum entanglement. This is the force that connects so many of the characters in AoT, including Eren Yeager, Zeke Yeager, Armin Arlelt, Mikasa Ackerman, and so many more. All Paths connecting the characters in the series intersect at the Founding Titan, which Eren was the last to use.

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This allows the Founding Titan’s user to telepathically command other Subjects of Ymir. It is also how Eren reveals to others his plans to move forward with the Rumbling. It’s also how, in Special 2, we see Armin meet Zeke after being captured and eaten by a Titan controlled by Ymir. Armin even meets other Subjects of Ymir there, and with Zeke’s help, can break them out of their complacent trance and help them. Zeke emerges and is killed by Levi, stopping the Titans from carrying out the Rumbling, for the moment.

How Does Eren Use the Paths?

Eren uses the Paths to communicate with his friends about him having to start the Rumbling, and them having to kill him to save what’s left of the world. It would make the world respect them as heroes, and eliminate the Power of the Titans. He explains how his actions were what could stop more drastic consequences for the world, at least for now. The wheel of fate would turn regardless, years later.

However, in a more poignant emotional move, Eren also uses it on two key characters: Armin and Mikasa. For Armin, he spends years with his dear friend explaining the story and motives of Ymir and the outside world. For Mikasa, he lives out a peaceful, idyllic existence for years with her. Armin acknowledges that they’ll meet again through this, either in the Paths or in Hell, while Mikasa clings to what’s left of his physical memory.

- This article was updated on November 6th, 2023

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