What is ADS in Call of Duty? ADS Explained

ADS has nothing to do with advertisements.

by Elliott Gatica

There are a lot of different terms when it comes to the various aspects of Call of Duty games. We have terms like “campers”, “noob tube”, or “obj” just to name a few. With so many in the proverbial dictionary, it’s hard to remember all of them unless you’re a diehard player. One of these terms you’ll see quite often in Call of Duty games is ADS, but what does it mean? 

What is ADS in Call of Duty?

ADS stands for “Aim Down Sights”. It’s a common term used in many shooter games that do allow for this feature. Both first-person and third-person shooters have this. This feature is actually quite important in these games because there is a big difference between using it and not.

When you aim down the sight, your character will zoom in on a location you’re aiming at and shoot a gun with more accuracy. This is useful when engaging in mid-range to long-range combat, although this will be significantly less useful if you’re using short-range weapons. 

Oftentimes, the types of guns you’d ADS with are almost everything other than shotguns and akimbo weapons like pistols in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. It’s a lot harder to land a headshot if you’re not precisely aiming down your weapon’s sights, so keep that in mind with the lightning-fast TTK (time to kill) in games like this.

It’s not ideal to fire without aiming or else your gun’s bullet spread will go all over the place. Not only will you waste a bunch of ammo spraying a gun without aiming, but you’re also giving away your position and probably going to get killed in a match. K/D (kill-death ratio) is important for many, and learning when to ADS versus hip-fire can go a long way in making you a better player. 

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- This article was updated on January 25th, 2023