When is the PlayStation 6 Coming Out? Rumors, Updates, and News

Don't expect too much given we're only a few years into the PS5's life cycle.

by Elliott Gatica


As we’re coming close to the second year of the PS5’s launch, technology is still growing at a rapid pace. Specs are becoming even more advanced, and graphics cards and processors are skyrocketing in price. Our gaming tech is becoming increasingly obsolete as the days go by. With that in mind, when is the PlayStation 6 coming out? Here is what we know so far.

When is the PlayStation 6 Coming Out?

It has almost been two years since the PlayStation 5 came out, and while its hardware will start to fall behind those in the highest-end of PC builds, we shouldn’t even expect a PS6 anytime soon. This console is leagues ahead of its predecessor in processing and performance.

Instead, we can expect console revisions that optimize certain aspects of the console. It’s basically guaranteed to expect there to be a PlayStation 5 Pro instead of a PS6 suggested by several leaks and speculations in the past. That’s more believable than a brand new console, especially since there is still quite a lot of support for the PS4.

Even when you look at the last generation’s production cycle, the PS4 had its actual hardware revisions in the form of the Slim and Pro roughly 3 years after its initial launch. Even then, after initially coming out in 2013, it’s holding up better than the PS3 did in comparison. We’re seeing things like cross-generation support between PS4 and PS5 players in several games.

New games and firmware updates are still around for the last generation console, given several factors. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we’re still seeing the impact on the production of hardware and software. Not to mention, we’re still going through a semiconductor shortage which ultimately led to a supply shortage with consoles. We also have been seeing several delays with games that were supposed to come out this year, like Forspoken.

Additionally, from recent news developments, we even have games like Rise of the Ronin which are slated for a 2024 release. That’s two years away from where we currently are right now, and even then, there was no mention of a PS6.

If anything, it’s just a bit too soon to think that we’re getting a PS6, especially with how far advanced the technology is with the PS5. Developers are barely scratching the surface with the console’s potential, so we should see at least another four or five years before even thinking of a “next-gen” for PlayStation.

With the shortage of consoles as well, the demand has to be met before moving on to something that will be more costly and could also potentially face the same shortage issues.

The PlayStation 5 is currently out right now.

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