Where to Find a Battery in Museum Basement in Bonelab

Find out where you can locate the Battery in the Museum Basement!

by Kara Phillips


Bonelab has a hugely overwhelming map to explore in VR, making locating specific items quite tricky. With so much to take in, relying on your eyes can sometimes deceive you, and Bonelab’s ability to hide things in prominent places doesn’t help. So rather than wasting time trying to find batteries when you could be unlocking achievements and experiencing everything Bonelab has to offer, read on to find out where you can find the battery in the museum basement.

Where to Find the Battery in the Museum in Bonelab

In the center of the Basement of the museum, you’ll see a colorful, inflatable-looking toy castle, where you’ll need to head to find the battery. If you’re looking at the castle from the position of the door you’re trying to unlock, the blue pillar you’ll need to climb is on the left. At the top of the turret are four cubes, and the battery is located between all four.

After collecting the battery, it can be inserted into the door behind you. However, this door doesn’t stay open once you press the button. You will need to hold the button to get the door to a reasonable height and quickly duck underneath before it closes again. Throughout the Basement, there are two potential paths for you to take, both of which will loop around and return you to the entrance. But you’ll need to unlock another door to reach that point.

The next room you enter in the Basement will also feature a battery-locked door. However, in this room, the battery is much easier to locate. Toward the back of the room, find a red button on the wall and hold it to lift the door. In this tiny hallway, you’ll find a locked box where the battery is located. From here, the Basement is much easier to explore, and you can discover all the secrets it holds. Bonelab has many things to unlock, from characters and avatars to modes of transport. These doors are just an example.

Bonelab is available on PC and Meta Quest.

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