Where to Find a Carbo Cookie in Super Mario RPG

Where is the Carbo Cookie in Super Mario RPG and what does it unlock?

by Marc Magrini
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One of the more secretive items in Super Mario RPG, a Carbo Cookie, isn’t actually all that difficult to find.

The Carbo Cookie is a special item that a certain mole girl asks for in Moleville. At first, this item is seemingly absent from the entirety of Super Mario RPG, with absolutely no stores offering it for sale. But it’s possible to get the item just before leaving Moleville for good, making it quite easy to obtain — as long as players know where to look.

Carbo Cookie Location in Super Mario RPG

The Carbo Cookie can be obtained by speaking to a mole girl at the back of the Moleville shop. You can do this after getting the Star Piece from the nearby mines. Talk to a mole in the house above the shop to buy the Fireworks, trade the Fireworks for a Shiny Stone from the mole girl hidden behind some nearby boxes, and finally, give the Shiny Stone to the girl in the shop to get the Carbo Cookie. You might want to make sure you’ve used the Shiny Stone for its alternative purpose first, since getting it a second time will be quite a hassle.

After getting the Carbo Cookie, you can give it to a mole girl sitting in a bucket next to the shop. She’ll end up leaving her bucket, teleporting you directly to the Midas River course. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to keep any coins you’ve collected rather than having a Toad hold them for you. Upon returning to Moleville, you’ll be able to do the trading sequence again in exchange for a Frog Coin.

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The reward isn’t quite worth going out of your way for, especially in the remake. A few quality-of-life changes make it easy to get Frog Coins in droves, and the coins you get in Midas River don’t come close to the price of Fireworks. But it’s a fun extra you can perform if you’ve already used the Shiny Stone for its other purpose, so you might as well get your hands on the cookie afterwards.

- This article was updated on November 18th, 2023

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