Where to Find the Shiny Stone to Fight Culex in Super Mario RPG

Learn how to access this secret boss in Super Mario RPG!

by Marc Magrini
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To fight the secret boss Culex, players must find a Shiny Stone, an item available in the first half of their journey through Super Mario RPG.

This mysterious object grants access to an even more mysterious boss fight. It’s one of the toughest challenges a player will face before beating the game, and the reward for defeating it is well worth the effort. But to even have a chance at entering the fight, players must first obtain the Shiny Stone. This item is found at an early town in both Super Mario RPG and its remake, but it might require a bit of extra effort.

Shiny Stone & Culex Location in Super Mario RPG

The Shiny Stone is available as soon as the player rescues the Moleville moles from the nearby mines. After doing this, you can talk to a mole in the house above the item shop. He’ll sell you the Fireworks for 500 coins, so make sure you have plenty of cash first. After getting the Fireworks, you can talk to a mole girl hidden behind some boxes just next to the house. Trade the Fireworks for the Shiny Stone and you’ll have what you need to challenge Culex!

Culex can be found later in the game, over in Monstro Town. His door will be locked without the Shiny Stone in your possession, and the next-door neighbors will talk about weird noises coming from his area. The Shiny Stone can do more than just open his door, but it won’t be consumed when unlocking his battle. Keep this in mind before you end up getting rid of it!

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Outside of providing you with a way to get the Shiny Stone, Fireworks can be used as part of the game’s ending sequence, adding a little bit of extra flair. If you want to get your hands on more of them, or if you just want to get the Shiny Stone without worrying about money, you should wait until later in the game. There will be abundant sources of coins in many different areas, allowing you to get the Shiny Stone without making a dent in your wallet.

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