Where to Find Al-Mahani’s Three Pages in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Here's how to complete A Life's Work.

by Diego Perez
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Tales of Baghdad are short side quests scattered throughout the city in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Ranging from small-scale assassinations to quirky treasure hunts, Tales of Baghdad flesh out the game’s world and give Basim’s personality a chance to shine. One of the game’s best side quests is A Life’s Work, located at the Abbasiyah observatory near the House of Wisdom.

When Basim reaches the observatory, he hears an old man named Al-Mahani crying out in pain. His heart is giving out and he tasks Basim with retrieving three pages from the observatory, his life’s work. Finding Al-Mahani’s pages is easier said than done, however, and there’s a tough choice to make at the end of the quest on top of that.

AC Mirage Al-Mahani Page Locations

The first page is located inside the observatory on the first floor. Sounds easy enough, but the door is barred. To unlock it, circle around to the back of the building to find a window with two bars in it. Drag the nearby pillar to the corner and climb on top so you can see inside the building and then use a well-placed throwing knife to unbar the door.

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Once the door is open, you can just head inside and grab the page. It’ll be highlighted in orange if you use Eagle Vision, which is a nice tip that’ll help you find the remaining two pages as well.

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The next page is outside on the roof of one of the buildings surrounding the observatory. It’ll get blown away when you approach and you’ll have to chase it down like one of the sea shanties or tattoo designs from other recent Assassin’s Creed games.

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Don’t worry though, because you can’t lose this page. It’ll settle down on another rooftop eventually, and all you have to do is climb up there and take it.

The third and final page is located at the very top of the observatory near the large astronomical tool overlooking the canal. There’s only one route to the top of the building, so just follow the obvious parkour path to bypass the spikes and other hazards preventing you from climbing up the side.

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With all three pages in your possession, it’s time to return to Al-Mahani. The old man’s time came quickly, however, because he’s dead on the ground when you return. Now you have to deal with his grieving son, and the game lets you choose what to say to him.

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Should You Tell the Truth to Al-Mahani’s Son?

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Al-Mahani did not care about his son in his final moments. All he could think about was the treatise, his life’s work. Still, you can tell Al-Mahani’s son the truth or lie to him and say that he mattered the most to his father. Which option is correct?

Ultimately, this choice does not matter since the quest ends immediately after. If you tell him the treatise mattered most, he’ll be upset at his father. If you tell him that he mattered most, then Basim will lie and say that Al-Mahani asked him to go get his son but Basim chose to get the pages himself instead. Al-Mahani’s son will get angry with Basim, and the quest will end without any real consequences.

It’s best to be honest with him since trying to console him with the lie just makes things worse since he’ll believe that he was robbed of his final moments with his father. The truth may be harsh, but at least Al-Mahani’s son won’t have a false picture of his father and his priorities.

- This article was updated on October 5th, 2023

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