Where to Find and Beat Klaus in Dave the Diver

Learn how to find and defeat Klaus in Dave the Diver.

by Christian Bognar

The ocean in Dave the Diver is dangerous and includes deadly fish that can cause serious trouble if you aren’t prepared. Take Klaus, for example, a giant shark that has been giving players a hard time due to its quick attacks and large health pool. On the other hand, Klaus can be difficult to find, having some players not even getting a chance to try to defeat him. Well, this guide will cover both — here is how you can find and defeat Klaus in Dave the Diver.

How to Locate Klaus in Dave the Diver

A lady named Clara in Dave the Diver will task you to find a giant shark that upsettingly killed her husband — this shark is Klaus. She also mentions how Klaus left behind a massive whirlpool — hinting at the idea that you will be searching for this whirlpool to find Klaus. Klaus and the whirlpool, also known as a Vortex, can be located on the far right side of the game map at about 25 to 50 meters below the surface. It’s crucial to know that Klaus will only appear on stormy nights, so wait until the weather meets the criteria and then make your trek to the location.

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How to Defeat Klaus in Dave the Diver

Klaus is a very challenging fight (much like Horned Parrotfish) requiring tons of preparation before heading into battle. There are several ways to prepare: upgrading weapons and gear and stocking up on oxygen. The good news is that the Klaus boss arena will include ammo and oxygen on the ground floor — meaning you will have backup items when you need them during the fight.

As you approach Klaus, you must aim to get under him immediately to avoid its lunge attack. Staying underneath Klaus as much as possible will help you avoid his swift lunge attack and allow you to chip away at its health when you find an opening to do so. I recommend using ranged weapons instead of melee, mainly because if you are too close to Klaus, it can be difficult to avoid his deadly attacks.

- This article was updated on July 7th, 2023

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