Where to Find and Use Bike Parking Key in Warzone DMZ

This guide will cover where to find and use the Bike Parking Key in Warzone DMZ.

by Christian Bognar
Warzone 2 Bike Parking Key Location
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Warzone DMZ Season 4 brings players to a whole new map called Vondel. Vondel brings a variety of new points of interest to discover, along with keys that players will want to get their hands on. These keys are beneficial as they can open up rooms with valuable loot and missions to take on. One of Vondel’s keys — Bike Parking Key — opens a door that is pretty well hidden and hard to locate. This guide will cover the Bike Parking Key location and where to use it in Warzone DMZ.

Where to Locate the Bike Parking Key in Warzone DMZ

Similarly to all other keys in Warzone DMZ, the Bike Parking Key can be found anywhere across the Vondel map as it spawns randomly throughout your playthrough. The top places for keys to spawn are within loot containers, looting dead enemy AI, completion of HVT Contracts, and supply drops. I have also found some luck finding keys by scavenging through buildings scattered across the map. Tackling the tasks mentioned here will almost guarantee to lead to a key you can use — and hopefully, it ends up being the Bike Parking Key.

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Where to Use the Bike Parking Key in Warzone DMZ

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Players can use the Bike Parking Key on the western-central side of the map — northwest of the large Stadium and south of the Graveyard point of interest. Refer to the image attached to this guide for the exact location of the Bike Parking, where my marker lies at the door. The coordinates fall within the D6 block. Below is a zoomed in picture of the location.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

As you approach the Bike Parking location, be prepared as the threat level in this area is medium. I had no trouble arriving at this location, taking almost zero damage — so you shouldn’t have to worry that much, but you may have a different experience. Be sure to take alleyways between buildings and use the water to swim for cover. This method should help you go undetected, and you should be there in no time!

- This article was updated on June 21st, 2023

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