Where to Find Ice Beam TM (TM 135) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Freeze! Don't move!

by Michelle Cornelia

When facing an Ice-type Pokemon, it’s hard not to be anxious because they might freeze your Pokemon and go at them like there’s no tomorrow. When your Pokemon is frozen, there’s nothing much you can do except wait it out, which would often be too late. Ice Beam is one of the moves that can trigger the frozen effect. If you want your Pokemon to be able to use this move, ensure you know where to find the Ice Beam TM (TM 135) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Where to Find Ice Beam TM (TM 135) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Ice Beam TM can be found on a small island, South of North Province (Area One) Watchtower. If you haven’t unlocked the Watchtower yet, we recommend heading to either North Province (Area One) or North Province (Area Two). Afterward, you can make your way to the island marked by the orange flag on the map below.


Given the location of this TM, you need to unlock the swimming ability for Miraidon or Koraidon first by defeating Klawf, the Stony Cliff Titan. Otherwise, it’s impossible to reach this area. Once you have reached the island, you should be able to spot the Ice Beam TM like the image below.


The way Ice Beam works is quite unique. With this move, your Pokemon will be able to attack your opponent and have the chance to leave them frozen. The thing is, the chances of your opponent freezing are only 10%, but there’s a catch. If you are lucky to freeze your enemy, the chances will increase to 20% after each turn. This is highly beneficial because they won’t be able to damage you at all, yet you can strike your killer moves until they faint while they’re unable to move.

Once you have added the TM to your bag, you can craft more copies using a TM machine at any Pokemon Center. To do so, you will need the materials below:

  • 10000 LP
  • Shellder Pearl x3
  • Delibird Parcel x3
  • Cryogonal Ice x5

That sums up where you can find the Ice Beam TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Overall, this is still a great move to learn due to the effect, despite the low chances. If you’re not a fan of it, you can check an alternative Ice-type move, namely the Blizzard, that’s just as great.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 30th, 2022

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