Where to Find the Kickstarter Crypt in Sea of Stars

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by Marc Magrini
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Though Sea of Stars might have the backing of a known developer, its beginnings started out fairly humble. The game was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, and like many of those campaigns, it offered rewards to those willing to back it. One of these rewards included a “commemorative grave” in an in-game Crypt, though the location isn’t obvious at first. Those interested in seeing special backer-written messages in Sea of Stars should know where the Kickstarter Crypt can be found.

Kickstarter Crypt Location in Sea of Stars

The Crypt containing Kickstarter backers and their messages can’t be found until later on in the game. It will be found after sailing to the deserted island some time after defeating the Dweller of Woe. This event is part of the main story, and it will occur just before you get the chance to return to Evermist Island. You’ll be directed to the Crypt automatically, allowing you to view the gravestones at your leisure.

The Crypt contains a teleport that leads you to the graves with special messages. These messages were chosen by Kickstarter backers, with a special few custom-made monuments for those who showed the most support. If you’re interested in viewing a specific grave, you can talk to the Cryptwalker and give it a special code that will teleport you to that grave. It’s an easy way to see your message if you were one of the lucky few that managed to get one.

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The Crypt isn’t the only place where backers can be found, as the game includes a full list of them in the credits. Outside of being a fun nod for those following its Kickstarter campaign, the Sea of Stars Crypt doesn’t have any other uses. As the Cryptwalker says, it’s completely optional, and you can always return later if you want to get a closer look some other time.

- This article was updated on August 29th, 2023

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